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I joined on my first visit because, although feeling uncomfortable as a newcomer about "selling", I immediately sensed the friendly, supportive atmosphere at the Teddington group. I have now been a member for about 8 months. Meeting so many lively, interesting people is a delight and it has been good for my business too (Richmond Personal Style).

- Hilary Fisher

I joined Fabulous Women and Marvellous Men as a business member not so long ago and I’m so glad I did. First of all, it really boosted my business, but this is only to be expected, as this was the reason why I joined FWMM to begin with. But what I was not expecting, is that in such short period of time my life will be filled with so many wonderful new friends, which I’m so grateful for. FWMM is not just a business network, it is much much more. It is the whole world of great, intelligent, supportive, encouraging and loving people and it is so wonderful to be a part of it.

- Oxana Simpson FaceToning Expert

I've just completed four years as a GL and I love Fabulous Women because it's about friendship, encouragement and co-operation. We've run multiple collaborative projects at FWMM Walton/Weybridge and it's refreshing to meet others who, rather than being threatened by their competitors, can see the benefit in working together with like-minded individuals and groups. I've made countless lifetime friends and I'm sure I'll make more. Joanna Bristow-Watkins.

- GL FW Walton/Weybridge

Phew! 3 days in a row at the FWMM meetings. The energy and buzz is still around.

- Kia Law

Thaank you so much for a positive meeting this morning - I really enjoyed it.

- Jan Gould Fulham Mar 17

I always enjoy, am inspired and learn so much at a Fabulous Women and Marvellous Men meeting.

- Alessandro Ferullo

FAB meeting. £10 is a very, very small price to pay for such a remarkable amount of diverse talent! Thank you.

- Vx Victoria Hamblin

I realised this morning how much more I get out of the meetings than I've consciously realised. They always give me lots of food for thought as well as practical ideas for moving forward in my business

- Jacqui McGinn

Fabulous Women - 2 New Clients today all because of networking with like minded, Supportive Fabulous Women 

- Jen Thomas

What a great meeting yesterday. Its one of those environments I love to be in...lots of positivity and open minded people wanting to help each other.

- Nevil Kapadia

“I attended my first Fabulous Women meeting in January 2015.  We met at a lovely pub in Woking and the atmosphere from the minute I arrived was both warm and inclusive as well as buzzing and incredibly supportive.  I didn’t for a minute feel like the new girl, I immediately felt like part of the group.   Toni is the most fabulous host, she looked after us well and ran a great meeting, taking time to speak with everyone individually too, which for such a busy meeting was a big achievement. I knew I was going to enjoy the meeting, but I wasn’t quite prepared to meet so many wonderful and inspiring business owners; I came away inspired beyond belief and excited about my next Fabulous Women experience.  If you haven’t attended a meeting, I urge you to give it a go….. you will be very glad you did!”

- Jo Ferrone, Wrapped Up Admin

“I always find it a great inspiration attending the Fabulous Women networking groups, especially the Woking Group hosted by Toni.  Toni is fabulous! She instantly makes you feel welcome. I find her sincere, professional and genuinely interested in people.”

- Paola, Essential Vitality

“I have been a member of Fab Women and Marv Men, for nearly a year now, and I attended my first Woking event as I am developing my business in that area now.  I found the group really friendly and very professional and supportive.  All the 60 sec intros were informative and I am sure I have made a whole load of new friends.  Thanks Toni for running this group, see you next month.”

- Caroline Dimascio, Live Young Longer Advance Nutritional Therapy and Goldfinger wedding ring design consultant

“I find the Woking Fabulous Women meetings are vibrant, collaborative and supportive.  Toni brings a great energy both to the group and connecting and inspiring others around her.  What I love is the confident leadership of the meetings, but also Toni’s ability to read the group and adapt to the needs and flow of each meeting.  I highly recommend attending.”

- Nicky Lynch, Intrinsic Health

“As you are already aware, I am deeply grateful for all the hard work you put in to make the Woking FW events so convivial, entertaining, informative and welcoming. Your natural charm pervades the meetings and significantly enhances the atmosphere enjoyed by all attendees.”

- Andrew Zimbler

“Toni had recently taken over the group leadership of Woking Fabulous Women when I attended a meeting. I have been a member of Fabulous Women for the past 3 years. In my capacity as fundraiser/campaigner for the charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer, I had been invited to be one of the speakers at this particular gathering. Toni, who had much to organise and concentrate upon that morning, made me so welcome and I knew at once that her dynamism, professionalism and enthusiasm were going to make the Woking group a great success. After the meeting, I knew that she, and the group, were already achieving that success! From Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s perspective, I have made some terrific contacts/supporters which have resulted in events to support the charity, in conjunction with the promotion and advancement their own businesses. Toni and the Woking Group embody all the aims and the ethos of Fabulous Women and I recommend unreservedly membership of the group, under Toni’s inspiring leadership.”

- Amanda Jones, Breakthrough Breast Cancer

“Thanks Toni for a really wonderful meeting. You have created a lovely atmosphere where we all feel very comfortable and valued (despite the logistical problems you faced yesterday). Thanks to this I have received lots of followup and interest in my workshop. Even though it’s a long way for me, I will try to come along as often as I can because the meetings are just great. Thank you :)”

- Marie Allen, Web Clarity

Last year I attended 3 fabulous women meeting as a guest but after the first meeting I knew I wanted to join.  The fabulous women/marvellous men were welcoming, friendly and supportive, so much so that within a matter of weeks of being a member I had a referral for business.  Fabulous women is not just about gaining clients, I have made new friends and gained a lot of knowledge from some experience business women and inspiring speakers.  I would certainly recommend fabulous women to anyone looking for a networking group.  Great teamwork, venues and refreshments too.

Thank you to Jane and all team leaders.

- Maureen Bailey, VA Curtains

What I love about Fabulous Women is that it is so warm and welcoming, whether it is your first time networking or you are a regular, you are encouraged and supported not only by the group but by Jane and the team.  I love that you are more than just a number or just business but that everyone is keen to get to know you as well and the support, advice, collaborations, inspiration and laughter continue to bring me back.

- Nicky Lynch, Intrinsic Health

"I have found the Fab Women meetings to be a great place to exchange ideas, get support and advice and meet with like-minded business people. The meetings are always friendly, interactive and a great source of learning and motivation. Members of Fabulous Women are very focused on their business and are proactive to develop them. I have found new clients and also been able to develop new collaborations which allow me to introduce added value services to my clients and promote "Fab Women" at the same. I look forward to another good year of Netwinning as a Contributor member"

- Mark Rouvray Activ Webdesign

Fabulous Women is fantastic and every time I leave a meeting I feel positively inspired!

- Samantha Bates Inspire

"Dear Jane, It was nice to meet and talk to you on Friday at Fabulous Women Ealing meeting. It's such lovely group and very supportive. I hope we'll keep in contact and to see you in the future at other events."

- Egidija Bailie, EEs-Cosmetics

"It was also great to meet everyone and I appreciated being in the 'hot seat' and gaining advice from a variety of people. It has certainly highlighted the areas I need to focus on to promote my business. I also thought the networking training was very informative and has given me some good tips to put to use in the future. Whilst I am new to the networking scene I can already appreciate how inspiring and helpful it can be!"

- Paola Saunders, Essential Vitality

" I joined Fabulous Women as a Contributor Member in May this year. I found the meetings very enjoyable and learned loads, and also found that I quickly built a support network of like-minded, ambitious and fun ladies! One thing I was very keen to do was to build my confidence in making presentations. I was able to do this very easily within Fabulous Women by speaking in the 10-minute slot at a number of meetings. I then wanted to build on this and develop a training arm of my business. Encouraged by Jane and other Fabulous Women, I was able to run a successful workshop in October.  And I now have another one planned for January. Without the support of Fabulous Women I would definitely not be where I am today with my business. Thank you to Jane, to all the hardworking group leaders and to all the fabulous members!"

- Marie Allen, Web Clarity

"The first time I met Jane, it was amazing, she was shining with her beautiful and generous smile. Then, I met her several more times at Fabulous Women. I didn't understand immediately that she was the new owner of this awesome networking group, but very quickly I could feel a new vibration rising in our group. She is so inspiring to all of us. Her smile and her enthusiasm are contagious. She has a good word for everyone; she is present but not too much and she is very supportive. Last week, she shared with us her personal journey. I was moved and I now understand why she is so open hearted."

- Orianne Corman

"Congratulations to you (Katrina Warne) and Jane for creating such a warm and welcoming atmosphere without compromising any of the business focus."

- Judith Davis, Spinal Breath

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