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Fabulous business network event in Eastleigh

Date: 17/12/2019
Time: 04:00 to 06:00
Location: The Art Deco Cafe 17 Bournemouth Rd Chandler's Ford SO53 3DA

Do you run a local business in Eastleigh?

Why not come and promote your business at our business networking event? Group Leaders Jacqui McGinn and Nick Keith invite you along to our December Christmas networking party.  With informal networking, games to get us talking, reflections on 2019 and looking forward to 2020.  This will be a lighter way to network and socialise in the festive season. 

Everyone is welcome to this event.  Current members, previous members and guests.  We don’t have lock out clauses. We believe that people buy people and you can find opportunities in collaborating with your competitors. Whether you have a hyper local business or are a local representative of a larger business you will be welcome.  To book please click the Yes I’m Attending button below.

What happens at an Eastleigh Fabulous Business Networking meeting?

The agenda allows for a mix of informal and structured networking. We start with 20 minutes to half an hour of informal networking, so you get chance to meet everyone in the room. The timing allows you to drop the kids at school, deal with those urgent emails or even have a one to one meeting before you come along. If you’re not there spot on at 10.00a.m. it’s not a problem and you won’t be faced with walking in on a formal meeting at that point.

Attendees take their seats for the structured part of the meeting after about half an hour. The agenda typically includes

  • a netwinning tip (we believe that networking works hence the netwinning);
  • a business card and marketing material shuffle, remember to bring your cards and fliers so we get to know more about you
  • one-minute introductions from all attendees, do think what you would like us to understand about your business and what action you would like us to take
  • a speaker
  • a business development slot which might be a mini coaching session, business hot seat or one to ones. Jacqui often has a surprise up her sleeve to keep the meetings fresh and uplifting.

Book now by clicking the Yes I’m attending button below. Payment is taken in cash on the day.

Feedback from a recent vsitor

‘I don't know if it was just the Eastleigh meeting, but compared with some other local ones I've been to this was a breath of fresh air and felt very positive - I would certainly want to come along again’. AC


Introducing Eastleigh Fabulous Business Network’s Group Leader Jacqui McGinn.

Jacqui is a hypnotherapist, energy healer and coach. She’s also a qualified teacher, fluent in Japanese and plays the bag pipes! She’s currently writing her first book.

Whilst our Group Leaders have a template to follow for their meetings each of them brings their unique personal style to the meeting and none more so than Jacqui. She draws on her many and wide-ranging interests to add variety and energy to the meetings. Why not visit one of her Eastleigh Business Networking meetings on held on the fourth Wednesday of each month (but please double check in December as the date will probably change because of Christmas)?

Making Business Networking Events effective. This month’s business networking tip...plan ahead

There’s probably a lot more to your offer than can be fitted into a 60 second pitch. It’s therefore important to plan your networking strategy for several months at a time. How will networking support your other marketing initiatives? What will you showcase each month? How will you develop your fellow networkers’ understanding of your offer over time? What marketing collateral do you need to support your networking plan?

If you turn up at a networking event and deliver the same pitch every month it’s likely to sound boring, regulars will switch off and new people will be uninspired. Vary your pitch each time so that attendees will want to listen and will be able to understand your offer better. Could you demonstrate an aspect of your product or service? Would a poem or rhyme capture a listener’s attention? How about a story to help people relate to your message? Planning ahead will make sure that you are always well prepared for an event. It will stop you cobbling a pitch together at the last minute. Being organised with your plans will ensure that you capture stories, examples, testimonials etc. in an organised fashion knowing how and when you will use them.

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