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Why should you join Fabulous Networking?

  • Networking works best when you participate regularly. This helps people to get to know you and understand what you do so that they consider buying from you or recommending you to their friends
  • When you join Fabulous Networking you belong to the community not just one group. This means that you can attend any meeting at any time. We currently have 25 groups meeting on a monthly basis.
  • Networking is about so much more than sales. Our agenda allows you to learn from fellow members, get help with your business challenges and meet interesting and friendly business people. We help combat the isolation felt by many business owners as well as giving you access to people who can be your sounding board for ideas and challenges.
  • There are no attendance rules, no lock out clauses, no pressure to refer just a genuine desire to help each other to succeed in business (and have some fun!)
  • Membership is by monthly subscription. We take two months’ payments up front to get you set up and thereafter payments on a monthly basis until you wish to stop. We guarantee not to increase the rate you pay for as long as you remain a member unless our tax obligations change. (Terms apply to special offers)

Your membership options


Netwinning member

Business member

Attend any meeting at any time (meeting fees apply, currently £10)



Participate in our lively Facebook group



Enhance your skills and knowledge in our fledgling online learning community (worth £10 per month)



Join our speaker list (we currently have in excess of 275 speaker slots to fill annually



Publish your articles on our website with links back to your own site for improved search engine optimisation



Be featured in our Meet the Business member slot in our newsletters



Share your marketing campaigns in our newsletters and social media platforms (currently over 3600 followers on Facebook & 4270 on Twitter)



Deliver a masterclass in our online programme launching in May and use it to promote a step-up offer of your own




£17 per month

£35 per month


To join please email

An unsolicited testimonial via Instagram, thank you Joy Roberts


 ‘It’s the friendliest and most supportive networking organisation I have ever belonged to and has such great energy which always uplifts me and those visiting. I have had lots of business and referred many people to other members too’ Alessandro Ferullo



‘My life is all the better for everything I’ve learned and received from it and all the people I’ve met. It’s a business networking community that is more like a family.’ Jacqui McGinn




I’ve built up strong networks of supportive friends and learned a lot that has helped me grow my business and have won business.’ Zoe Angle


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To join please contact Nikki –

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