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I don’t like my belly!

Posted on 24/02/2014


Several years ago, as I was looking at myself in the mirror, I realized that I had a little fat belly. It had mischievously creeped in. I confess that when I understood the situation, I was in shock. I had always been quite thin, rather muscular, a XS or an S. Most people I knew judged my figure to be quite good. But there, the enemy had shown its face, and quite arrogantly I must say. I had to take the matters into my own hands! I was 43.

Like most of you, Fabulous Women, I started to take the bull by the horns. Diet-wise, I stopped desserts in front of the TV in the evenings, cakes and hidden sugars. I confess that I am fond of eating well, but I had a strong motivation. I kept on exercising everyday, biking and walking. I also drank a lot of water, filtered and dynamised so it would hydrate my cells perfectly. I drank a lot of draining plant cocktails like queen-of-the-meadow and other vegetable potions. Unfortunately, whatever I did, the enemy did not retreat.

However, I did not give up. As I am a therapist, I started researching to understand what was happening.


Pre-menopause, what is this thing?

First, I discovered that I was in pre-menopause.

It was great news for me! I had no idea there was such a thing. Fortunately, I discovered that it was not a disease, but simply a stage in a woman’s life. The time that precedes the retreat of the ovaries. Some symptoms start to appear and can be quite disconcerting for some of us, and even more for their husbands and children.

Indeed I was now hot more often, when I had always been sensitive to the cold. It had some advantages. I did not need to turn the heater on anymore, or put on three blankets at night. At other times, I was so hot I was sweating. These are called flushes.

My libido was also different. My desire was sometimes low for weeks, or would increase suddenly.

I was troubled by maternal duties. I felt like sending everything and everyone to hell. I was like a teenager rebelling. Everything was interesting and I was going off in all directions. I wanted to go out dancing when I had never done that in my life. I started to change the way I dressed. I started to dress sexier when my garments had always been classical or sportswear. I had a thrust for life, a devouring curiosity, and then my mood could go down to depression and discouragement and I felt like crying and dying. I felt my life had no meaning and that nobody could understand me. Fortunately, I was single at the time. I think my partner would have had trouble standing me.

Through reading tons of books and testimonials, I started to understand what was happening. Everything was normal. Fortunately so, because some days I could not even hold it together.

What was this belly about? This scoundrel was hanging there. It had decided to stay.

I had several options: either keep on fighting it, or ignore it (more difficult), or accept it and understand it. Therefore, I decided, reasonably, to accept and understand it.


My body is smart.

All the symptoms that I just described are announcing, slowly, that the woman arrives at the end of a stage in her life. The body is getting ready to put everything in place for the next phase.

Since she is 12, a woman’s life is paced by the menstrual cycle that is divided in two phases: pre-ovulatory and post-ovulatory, also called follicular and luteal phases.

Oestrogens are produced by the development of the ovary follicules, the yellow body and the placenta.

The first 14 days phase starts at the beginning of the menstruations and is under the influence of estrogens. After ovulation, on the 14th day, progesterone takes over with a lower second peak of estrogens.

Oestrogens are very important for health, even beyond the production of ovums for fecundation.


Nature knows best, it plans everything.

 I keep on researching, and Wikipedia teaches that « some estrogens are also produced in small quantities by other tissues like the liver, the suprarenal glands, the breasts and the adipose tissues. This secondary oestrogen sources are very important in a woman’s body during post-menopause. »

Since everything in our body is programmed, it is getting ready several years in advance, so that the transition from one stage to the other, meaning from fertility to menopause, goes smoothly.

Therefore, it is getting ready by creating a little fat belly with a store of oestrogens and oestradiol that cover the ovaries. The goal is to take over once the ovaries have retreated, so that the woman remains comfortable.


I love my little fat belly.

Today I am 49 and I love my little fat belly. I don’t want it to go away anymore. And the great thing is, it is quite grateful. All this love is sent back to me.

To help it, I followed the advice of an amazing woman, Donna Eden. I thought, with a name like that, she is bound to give good advice. As a matter of fact, she offers exercises on youtube and in her book « Energetical Medicine for Women », that are quite easy to perform.

My favorite exercise is to put my hands on my little belly and send light and love. I use this opportunity to thank it for making my body ready for a healthy menopause with no secondary effects.


I can honestly say that, since I realized how important my little belly was, my flushes and mood swings have greatly decreased. I completely trust the intelligence of my body. I thank it for doing such a good job and I help it by eating less, and by avoiding body cleaning products (according to Le Monde, 13.09.13, 40% of body cleaning products contain hormone disruptors) and by exercising (yoga every morning).


Orianne Corman

Family constellation expert.
Specialized in accompanying women who suffered abuse, incest, violence, abortions, loss of children or miscarriages.

Article translated by Marianne Souliez



«Red Moon» by Miranda Gray

« Energetical Medicine for Women» by Donna Eden


«Menopause Widsom» by Christiane Northrup

Back Author : Orianne Corman

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