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Synchronicity, Sacred Sites, UFOs, Crop Circles and strange goings on!

Posted on 04/06/2013

If you've heard me speak at our FW netwinning events, you'll know that I am passionate about re-connecting with nature, and specifically how this can be empowered by visiting sacred sites and ley-lines. Ley lines are defined as an energy alignment connecting a number of sites, each with historical interest (ancient monuments, megaliths) or geographical features such as natural ridge-tops, hills and waterways. Mystics believe that visiting these leylines provides enhanced opportunities for 'connecting to the land', as our ancestors did, enabling us to somehow 'tap-in' to a higher consciousness and thereby expand our spiritual awareness.

Essentially sacred sites are locations identified in ancient times, where the veil between this and 'otherworldly' dimensions is thin.  Often they are energy 'hotspots' positioned on strong ley-lines (typically where many cross) or electro-magnetic force-fields which I believe our ancient forefathers were much more capable of detecting.  With practice some of us can sense a tingling sensation and visiting them in person undoubtedly fosters a 'feelgood factor'.

The two ancient Wiltshire sites of Stonehenge and Avebury work in partnership, with Stonehenge being aligned to the sun whereas Avebury is aligned to the moon.  These two sites, together with Glastonbury, are often referred to as the 'Heart Chakra' of the planet.  Imagine that, here in the UK!  Through many millennia, these Neolithic monuments have served as initiatory and ceremonial centres for religious scholars such as the Druids; an ancient Celtic order of priests, teachers, diviners and magicians who gleaned knowledge and enlightenment from sacred landscapes and ancient trees (especially 'Tutorial Oaks').

Synchronicity can be defined as follows: The experience of two or more events or co-incidences, which are causally unrelated occurring together in a meaningful manner; supposedly the result of "universal forces".

I believe that synchronicities can happen to anyone if only we allow it by easing off our need to control everything around us. It's certainly happened for me when I've felt more laid back, but the most remarkable examples have always occurred in sacred sites and frequently within the Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury Triangle specified above.  One particular month was so full of co-incidences that synchronicity simply had to be at work. 

Having returned from our holiday in Devon early in August 2009, I received an email from Andrea, my Canadian friend and colleague.  She was lamenting that having lived in the UK for some time, she was yet to have actually visited a Crop Circle. She was about to embark on a brief walking trip through the Yorkshire Moors and wondered whether I was interested to join her for a trip to the international Crop Circle epicentre (Avebury & Alton Barnes, both in Wiltshire) to chance our luck the following weekend.  I told her that as it happens, I was free to go, but as all crop fields are harvested in August, it might be a fruitless exercise. Within a few minutes she called me to say that a Google search had established there was a Crop Circle Conference on those very dates in Marlborough, Wiltshire. She had checked the schedule, which looked interesting, but would be unable to further any plans whilst on her trek, from which she was returning on Friday evening.  I said I'd look into it; our budget was modest.  A couple of calls determined that there would be space in the Conference arena even if we turned up on spec on the Saturday morning and kind friends offered us use of a spare mattress just up the road in Devizes; indeed they would be attending the Conference themselves.  The Wessex Crop Circle Study Group (WCCSG) organisers of the Conference advised me, however, that it was the tail-end of the season and it was paramount that only Circles situated in fields belonging to non-hostile farmers were visited and that a strict Code of Conduct be followed to minimise crop damage (details available to those interested).

I agree with this policy entirely as it is the only way to maintain positive co-operation with the landowners. Some farmers - annoyed that their fields have been targeted - cut out the formations immediately (regardless of the beauty of the layout) to prevent trampling of their crop; in some cases exacerbated by their unwillingness to accept that the formations are due to anything other than troublesome trespassers. Conversely, some farmers tolerate, or even encourage Croppies (Crop Circle visitors), and this is signified by 'donation boxes' by the side of the field hosting the formation.

Over the years, I have visited many circles following a convincing presentation in September 2004 from Andy Thomas that these were not just random crop hooliganism by hoaxers with planks strapped to their feet.  Andy did not portray them as 'messages from outer space' but instead summarised the many thought-provoking irregularities, leaving the audience to draw their own conclusions.  Granted, before I met Andy, I'd shown little interest in them, but he stole my attention when detailing scientific anomalies and observations such as:

  • Crops inside the circles often have elongated nodes and evidence of high heat application, almost like microwaves, and yet are often unharmed and gradually recover. 
  • Furthermore, in subsequent years a 'ghost' formation will often be visible on the same site, despite - in some cases - interim ploughing to 2 feet in depth and a different crop having been planted!  This indicates some lasting effect on the soil substructure itself.
  • Geometric patterns of amazing complexity - only fully appreciated from aerial photographs - and internal weaving and plaiting of the crop that would take the utmost care to achieve.
  • Reliable eyewitness account (helicopter pilot) flying over a field with no formation yet 50 minutes later - in broad daylight and in a highly visible location opposite Stonehenge - an intricate pattern was complete.
  • Many also appear at night with no witness reports of illumination, yet staged man-made 'circles' - for advertising stunts for example - have required full daylight or substantial flood-lighting, plus many hours of labour for relatively simple designs.
  • Rapidly moving balls of light regularly reported in the vicinity of a new formation soon before it is discovered.

The Crop Circle Conference sessions I was able to attend did not disappoint me, with the latest revelations only serving to fuel my passion for understanding the phenomenon.  One thing is for sure, they are not only a recent occurrence, there's a reference to one in Hertfordshire in 1678! 

On the way back to our accommodation on the Saturday evening, all four of us saw five strange orange lights hovering over one of the fields.  I was driving so I couldn't see much, but all three of the others were convinced they had seen 5 UFOs, as they appeared to merge and separate more than once.

However, what Andrea really wanted to do, was go inside one or more of the formations, so on Monday 10thAugust, Andrea and I went into two circles, detailed in the links below.  First the one at Windmill Hill (7th August formation) and later the one at Ogbourne St Andrew (reported 29th July). See Temporary Temples Website Archive photos 200-204 for Ogbourne St George Circle, photos 221-225 for Windmill Hill Formation.  Also on Colin Andrews Website Archives - Photos 61 (Ogbourne St George)  and 64 (Windmill Hill).  There are some interesting reports/tests on the 2009 formations on the website belonging to renowned Crop Circle photographer and researcher - Lucy Pringle

We arrived at Ogbourne St Andrew mid morning, it was a very overcast day, but comfortable temperature as Andrea and I wandered about separately.  I noticed that Andrea was chatting happily with another 'Croppy', after a few minutes she beckoned me over and began an introduction ... but before she got very far the other lady rushed over to give me hearty embrace - it was my friend Anna who I had met in Egypt in 2002 and she'd been on the first Harmony Journeys sacred site tour I escorted to Egypt in 2004.  I hadn't seen her for about three years and had no idea she was down in the area. She had no transport and this crop circle formation hadn't been advertised at all, she was getting a lift from another lady staying in the same guest house and they'd spotted it from the road.  Anna's 'lift giver' departed and the three of us remaining decided we'd undertake a short meditation together.  Afterwards, we re-grouped to make plans for lunch but were astounded to find that it was 5pm - we'd been there for SEVEN HOURS!!!  It felt like barely an hour had elapsed, but apparently it's not uncommon for these sort of time warps inside crop circles; indeed watches,cameras and other electrical items have been known to stop working.  The other bizarre thing was that later we seemed quite badly sun burnt but the sun hadn't been out at all,  ooh er ...

Crop Circle Ogbourne St George, August 2009

The article photograph shows an unflattering photograph of me relaxing in the Ogbourne St George formation, in the  large central circle inside the semi-circle.  Note the waterproofs and generally warm gear indicating lack of sunshine!

After the crop circle visits, I remained at home for a few days.  The weather forecast for the Perseid Meteor Showers was mixed, but as we were busy on the 'peak' days, we decided to go out a day earlier. The weather was cold but clear and we were really treated to a dazzling show as we lay outside until the early hours on comfortable mattresses and under duvets.  Perhaps the aging process is making me more romantic, but this simple pleasure makes me so grateful to be able to enjoy a spectacle from Mother Nature overlooked by so many.

Late afternoon on the 20th August, my colleague and friend Emma arrived from Germany with her daughter.  As part of the whirlwind visit itinerary we were to re-visit Sacred Sites in the vicinity of Avebury, where the Michael and Mary Leylines criss-cross each other, and UFOs are regularly spotted.  Emma was excited at the prospect.  Having undertaken the Michael Leyline Walk on the Sunday evening, on the morning of Monday 24th August - two weeks after my Crop Circle visits with Andrea - we set off for West Kennet Long Barrow, which sits on the Mary Leyline.  The three children (my two plus Emma's daughter) were clearly ready to be bored at the earliest opportunity!

See for more details on this ancient burial mound, see Mysterious Britain Website: West Kennet Longbarrow

The Barrow is a Neolithic burial chamber dating from about 3500BC and has wonderful acoustic qualities; hence we were intending to do some 'toning' inside the chamber.  Noticing a few cars parked by the pathway leading towards the barrow, we wondered if it would be crowded inside so we chatted with two ladies who appeared to be on their way back.  They kindly indicated to us where we could find 'Swallowhead Spring' (also along the Mary Line linking the Barrow with Silbury Hill) if we wanted to go there first.  It turned out that both ladies were very interested in sound; one of them investigated ancient rhythms and the other, Helen, was a singing coach who demonstrated the use of sound mantras to clear the chakras!  Hence we all had a lot in common and were delighted to meet. Luckily their dogs entertained the girls and Helen was even able to return to the Long Barrow with us where we thoroughly enjoyed singing - and in some cases 'grunting' - the various mantras at high volume with great effect on us and a corresponding effect of disgust on our children who were totally embarrassed by our antics (as ever).

Realising that we were running to the extreme of their tolerance levels, and furthermore they were hungry, we resolved to bribe them to make a 'quick' visit to Swallowhead Spring whilst we were nearby(ish)!  "Look"we exclaimed, "we will be crossing a field of clover, you've always wanted to find a four-leafed clover."  We were scraping the barrel somewhat, but it was the best incentive we could come up with in the time available.

Amazingly, within only a few seconds a four-leafed clover had indeed been found!!!  This led to an immediate fervour to discover more and miraculously, after a few more minutes, four had been found, one each by Emma and all of the children.  Even two genuine five- leafed clovers were found.  I was speechless (and that takes some doing)!

Appeased by their stroke of luck, the girls excitedly tagged along to the Spring and actually thoroughly enjoyed the chance to climb trees whilst we undertook a mini meditation. 

Then lunch really did call us, so we set off for the Avebury National Trust Restaurant.  My mobile started ringing. Practically no-one (apart from my family) had my mobile number as I rarely used it.  It was Nick Ashron, from the 'Lightworker's Guide to the Galaxy', calling to check my availability for a studio date to record the next series.  I humbly apologised that I didn't have my diary on me as I was touring sacred sites with a friend and was crossing a field in the middle of Avebury.  Nick laughed, of all places, he was in Avebury himself!!!   We met for lunch! 

Avebury Stone Avenue

Afterwards we visited another part of the Stone Circle, whilst the girls entertained themselves rolling down the hill attempting to avoid the sheep poo, littered everywhere since sheep are allowed to roam freely around the site.  We located a stone where Emma was sure that she was receiving healing direct from the stone, she genuinely had no expectation of this being possible.

Finally after dinner, we decided to visit the enigmatic Silbury Hill, such a majestic bulge on the horizon.  In past years we have climbed it, though we were wearing entirely the wrong footwear on this occasion plus climbing the mound is actively discouraged by the authorities. 

For more details on this site see Mysterious Britain Website : Silbury Hill 

The sky was clear and there were very few lights about, making a myriad of stars visible, so we simply scanned above us.  A very bright 'star' caught our attention close to the horizon, it seemed so bright - and seemingly getting visibly brighter, and low in the sky, we were wondering if it might be Venus or even some form of man-made illumination.  All of a sudden, it split into two, then merged again, then split into three and finally moved right across the sky at just above the horizon and eventually disappearing behind Silbury Hill.  Whether it was a military plane or an alien craft; it was certainly unidentifiable, therefore qualifying as a true UFO.  What an end to the evening and to a series of synchronicities to be cherished ...

 Joanna Bristow-Watkins,



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