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Is 'just enough' really enough for you?

Posted on 30/01/2015 Can I ask you a question?  When you think about how much income you want to generate each month, how do you come up with a figure?

Do you allow yourself to dream big?  Do you let go of limitations and imagine earning more than ever before?  Can you come up with a figure that truly excites you?

Or do you simply consider your monthly outgoings, add a bit on and there’s your income goal?

For many women, it’s the latter (and I know because I SO used to do this).

It’s something that comes up often when I’m working with my clients.  As soon as I ask them to create an income goal, they start with how much they ‘need’, rather than how much they DESIRE.

The thing is, as soon as you confine yourself to how much you ‘need’, you limit yourself.  Your subconscious mind shuts down to big, expansive thinking.

And you end up with exactly what you’ve chosen to focus on – just enough to meet your needs.  (Doesn’t feel very exciting, loving or generous does it?)

So, why do many women in particular tend to have this ‘just enough’ mentality?

Often it’s because of a limiting belief that ‘It’s greedy to want more’, ‘Who am I to want more?’, or ‘I don’t deserve more than enough’.

Many of us have grown up in families where earning ‘just enough’ was the norm, so we’ve been unconsciously conditioned to believe that’s all that’s available to us.

And so we follow that pattern.  We limit our thinking.  And we keep ourselves small.
That’s why I am asking you this question now – Is ‘just enough’ REALLY enough for you?

What would it be like to break out of that thinking of scarcity and lack?

What would it be like to expand your sense of possibility and open yourself up to receive more?

Well, let me challenge you – as we move into a new month, create an income goal that truly excites you.

For now, don’t worry about how you’re going to achieve it, simply pick a figure that lights you up.

Imagine that it’s the last day of next month and you’ve achieved your goal.  How are you choosing to celebrate?

Write your figure down daily.

Say it out loud.

Take inspired action.

Have fun with your goal.

See it as a game.

Play with it.

Affirm to yourself, ‘I deserve to receive abundantly’.

As you do this, you are expanding your sense of what’s possible for you.

Your subconscious mind will be alert to opportunities that present themselves to you.

You are stepping into a place of MORE.

How does that feel?

Here’s to much, MUCH more than enough.

Back Author : Nicola Humber

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