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5 questions to ask yourself before signing up for a Twitter account

Posted on 27/10/2014

Twitter is a brilliant tool for connecting with people, whether on a personal level or for business. However, it can also take up a lot of your time - if you let it.

So, before diving into the world of Twitter, ask yourself the following 5 questions:

1. Are your customers using it?

Ask them. Find out by chatting to them when you're working with them, talking to them at networking event, or next time you're doing a survey to get some feedback on other subjects.

If engaging with them on Twitter is likely to bring repeat purchases, or referrals to others, then it's a good place to be.

2. Are there other people on Twitter that you'd like to connect with?

If you want to get in touch with local or national media, learn from opinion leaders in your field, find collaborators or suppliers locally or hear about other opportunities eg exhibitions, networking events, then Twitter may be the right place to do this.

3. Is there another social media platform or marketing tool that would be more effective in helping you achieve your communication goals?

Perhaps your target customers and your potential collaborators prefer to follow you and engage with your posts on Facebook or Instagram. Maybe your clients are mainly on LinkedIn. Or they might be on Pinterest, Google+ or any number of forums specific to your particular area of expertise.

Or in fact social media might not be the best way for you to reach potential clients - don't forget to utilise your database of past clients, get press coverage in local media, consider relevant advertising - and other ways that may be more appropriate to your specific business.

4. Do you have time or resources to manage Twitter as well as everything else you do?

If you are already active on multiple social media platforms, attending networking meetings and busy with clients, then do you actually have the time?

Although Twitter and other social media tools are (mostly) free to use, they do take up your valuable time which may be better spent on providing services to your clients, or fulfilling orders for products.

You could pay to use the services of a VA (virtual assistant) to help you with your social media posts, but if you are using Twitter you do still need to find some time to interact with people yourself.

5. Do you have anything to say?

Twitter is about connecting with others and sharing information, as well as promoting the products or services that you offer. If all you plan to post is links to something you're selling, then Twitter is probably not for you.

If however you want to engage with others, build relationships, and offer genuine value by sharing useful information that you or someone else has written on a website or blog, then it may be worth considering as a way to reach new audiences as well as connect with people you already know.

Further information

If you've answered all those questions and are still convinced that Twitter would be a useful tool for you, then my Intro to Twitter self-study course (with option of a 1:1 consultation) might be of interest. Visit: for further details.

But if you're still not sure how Twitter fits in with your overall marketing plan, there are plenty of knowledgeable marketing consultants who can help with this - get in touch with me, and I will see who I can connect you with.

Back Author : Nina Lenton

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