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Are you a Mum looking for a Part Time Job?

Posted on 01/10/2014 I guess you are not alone, but how do you find that elusive 'job' that fit's in around the children and allows you the freedom to take time off at a moments' notice if one of your children is sick, or indeed to fit in around the school holidays?

I was just talking with a friend of mine who decided that being 'employed' was not the answer for her, when the school phoned to say that her 5 year old had a temperature of 101 and needed to be picked up immediately................... Well, she was in the middle of a very important (?) meeting and had to tell her boss and his boss that she had to go NOW........... She decided then that being 'employed' was not right for her, or her Company at that time.

But what to do?

Well, being self-employed could be the answer.

I can just hear you saying 'Me - A business owner - Never.........' but please read on and hear me out.

OK, I have started to hear your mind whirring – what if I could? Well you can be your new 'boss' you just need a slightly different mind-set to what you had before.

So where to start?

Well, the first thing you need to do is get some paper and a pen, and start writing, or typing, what you enjoy doing. Think of your hobbies – i.e. walking, running, floristry, sewing, cooking, cycling, reading and a million and one other

Then, if you were employed previously, write down all your skills – and include those personal strengths of yours – enjoy meeting people, good speaker, good on the phone, speaks another language, helping others etc.

So, as an example, if you were a secretary – you can type, arrange meetings, use Excel and Word, book flights ++++++ keep thinking – and look at your CV to remind yourself of all the things you were really good at.

This is NOT a time to be shy – go for it! Ask your friends and family what they think
you are good at too. But if they ask 'why' tell them – but don't listen to them if they start saying things like 'You can't
do that', be sensible ++++ We have all heard it before and sometimes you just need to look outside of the 'box' that
people love to put you in.......

So now write down the things that you don't like doing...........  and also think about the things in your previous job that you didn't like doing too.

OK we can't all like maths, but you've been juggling the household bills for years.......... But if you don't enjoy it, becoming a bookkeeper might not be right for you!

So, now you have a list, but keep adding to it, of what you are good at and enjoy – so what next and where do you start?

Well, I own a business networking organisation just for you in the South of England– it's called Fabulous Women, because we all are – aren't we!

Fabulous Women members include self-employed florists, bookkeepers, virtual assistants/secretaries, lawyers, accountants, dog walkers, business coaches and mentors, carpet cleaners, photographers, make-up artists, marketing consultants, web designers, oven cleaners, pc repairs, seamstresses, to those selling skin care products, utilities, books, energy drinks – in fact pretty much everything from A through to Z and the majority all work from home.

The one thing we ALL have in common is that at one time in our lives we were just like you....... Thinking of how on earth are we going to juggle family life whilst bringing in some money at the same time. And because we have all been
where you are now, we can help and advise you about the different opportunities that are out there – and we want to share, collaborate and help you succeed – because that's what makes the World go round.

So why not pay us a visit and come along to one the Fabulous Women events near you– we have almost 30 groups and growing daily – just go to the website – and go to Meetings and Events and click one near you and book yourself in.

I'll tell you a secret now! I booked into my first networking event, arrived at the right time but took one look in the room and saw lots of people laughing and chatting as if they were old friends, and promptly turned on my heel and drove straight home!

So please don't do what I did and if you are still unsure, please take a look at a couple of videos and read a few testimonials about members' experience -  There are also many other tips on the website, so please do have a look.

So, yes, you might be a bit nervous, but we have all been where you are today with 'first day nerves' – but you don't need to be ........... remember - strangers are just friends that you haven't met yet......

Still nervous?

Then give me a ring on 07768 197507 or drop me an email – I would be really pleased to hear from you,

With best wishes


Jane Hardy

07768 197507

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