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Why You Should Visit Sacred Sites

Posted on 23/02/2013

Pilgrimages have a long and established history: Followers of Jesus visiting Calvary, the Haj to Mecca, the crusades, the aboriginal walkabouts and the sacred Camino path to Santiago de Compostela are all prime examples.

As the operator of Harmony Journeys I personally escorted sacred site tours - I am often asked why people are attracted to sacred sites and what is the personal benefit of visiting them?

In the 1920s, a British archaeologist named Alfred Watkins (not one of my relations!) hypothesised the existence of, and mapped a few ley-lines which he defined as an energy alignment connecting a number of sites, each with historical interest (such as ancient monuments or megaliths) or geographical features such as natural ridge-tops, hills and waterways. Since his time, others have devoted many years to charting other ley-lines within the UK and indeed internationally.  Christopher Street (, who calls ley-lines Pathways to Enlightenment, has identified some fascinating Sacred Geometry overlaid on London.

Essentially sacred sites are locations identified in ancient times, where the veil between this and other higher vibrational worlds and dimensions is thin.  Often they are energy "hotspots" positioned on strong ley-lines (typically where many cross) or electro-magnetic force-fields which I believe our ancient forefathers were much more capable of detecting.  With practice some of us can sense a tingling sensation and visiting them in person undoubtedly fosters a feelgood factor.  It's as if the ley-lines mark the meridians and the sacred sites mark the chakras of Gaia (the name used for the consciousness of Planet Earth) herself. The human meridians were once aligned with these, integrating humanity into the lattice-work of Earth's ley-lines sometimes known as the Earth Grid.

Not only are sacred tours a wonderful way to see international sites which have inspired generations, it is also unbelievable how much spiritual clarity and psychic growth comes from these experiences.  We all carry personal codes. When we enter these sites, we absorb new data and activate latent programmes, which have awaited our arrival and bring love and light to the area.

Egypt, for example, overflows with powerful and sacred energy hotspots.  As your soles touch the Egyptian soil, a personal journey of awakening commences.  When visiting the Giza Plateau, we have been lucky to gain special permission to meditate between the paws of the Sphinx.  We've also spent 2-3 hours inside the Great Pyramid, taking turns to lie in the sarcophagus (which was believed to be a high initiation chamber) chanting powerful personal and global healing incantations and the entire group creates a vibrational vortex for each person in turn, which is wonderfully nurturing.

Saqqara, near Giza, was probably a healing metropolis some 7000 years ago.  You can still see the platform used by the healing physicians to diagnose medical conditions.  Patients would stand on the stage and the physicians would enter one of 21 chambers surrounding the stage area.  These chambers each contained, at around head height, a niche about two foot wide, two foot high and two foot deep.  By placing his/her head inside the niche and concentrating on the patient, the physician made an empathic connection with the patient's auric field and also with Gaia's energy field.

Tel El Amarna, some 3-5 hours away from Giza, is a like a parallel universe housed in this dimension, even as you approach by means of crossing the Nile tributary, you feel as if you are shifting into a dream reality.  At the ruins themselves there is a definite connection with the Christ Consciousness Energy and many of us have experienced parallel episodes concurrent with the Christ era whilst at this amazing place.

Herodotus wrote, around the 5th Century BC: Of all the nations of the world, the Egyptians are the happiest, healthiest and most religious.  This was attributed to their holistic view of man as a function of the Cosmos; they saw it as essential to be in tune with metaphysical realities in their daily lives.  The complex vibrations of the body were a reflection of the rhythms, harmonies and pulsations of the universe. They believed that man was created in the image of God and embodied all living creatures and all aspects of nature, such as colours, crystals, animals, plants etc. When out of tune, the body would display disease.  To heal a person, it was necessary to use magic to summon the healing harmonic phenomena. 

The Ancient Egyptians, who called themselves Khemitians, believed that man was created in the image of God and embodied all living creatures.  All aspects of nature, such as colours, crystals, animals, plants etc. had counterparts within man.  Man's body was his temple; and the rite of self-perfection was his soul purpose and ultimate destiny. Interestingly, the Khemitian name for God being Neter is almost certainly the linguistic route of our word Nature.

They also understood that if man was a miniature version, or microcosm, of the universe, then all aspects of man would manifest on a magnified scale within the universe; in other words the universe was a macrocosm of man.  The Emerald Tablets, attributed to Djetuti (also called Tehuti, Thoth and Mercury at various historical junctures, with the Greek version Hermes Trismegistus giving us the term Hermetic Philosophies) details how everything we see is a representation of what we don't see - As Above, So Below - with man being a 'Microcosm' or miniature replica of the 'Macrocosm' being the All.

Thus we are intimately connected with everything. Our individual actions cause reactions in the macrocosm and activities in the greater universe/stars manifest within us.  Physical functions of body parts were seen as manifestations of cosmic functions and particular attributes with specified planets.

In the UK, following on from Alfred Watkins's pioneering work, author John Michell first named the St Michael Ley, which runs from St Michael's Mount in Cornwall to just south of Great Yarmouth. In his book "View Over Atlantis" ,Michell states:

The St Michael line of traditional dragon sites in south-west England... is remarkable for its length and accuracy. It appears to be set between two prominent Somerset hills, both dedicated to St. Michael with ruined churches on their summit. These two hills are Glastonbury Tor and "The Mump" at Burrowbridge some ten miles to the south-west. Both these hills appear to have been artificially shaped so that their axis align with each other, and their orientation, 27degrees north of east, can be read off a large Ordnance Survey sheet. Here's the Michael Line as it goes through Avebury.

Micahel Line through Avebury

Amazingly, in addition to St Michael's Mount, Glastonbury and Avebury, the line joining these two points passes through a string of other powerful sacred sites including The Hurlers Triple Stone Circle (Cornwall), Cosdon Hill (Dartmoor), Ivinghoe Hills (Chiltern escarpment) and Bury St Edmunds Abbey (Suffolk).

Through many millennia, Stonehenge and Avebury have served as initiatory centres for students of a higher learning. These ancient sacred sites work in partnership, with Stonehenge being aligned to solar frequencies whereas Avebury is aligned to lunar energy. Avebury is also fed by a grid of powerful natural energies, patterned above by the stone megaliths of the Henge and other local Neolithic monuments (including Silbury Hill) and below by three separate waterways which congregate beneath.

Paul Broadhurst and Hamish Miller, in their book The Sun and the Serpent, proposed that the St Michael Ley had a masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) aspect to it.  Whilst they generally wove alongside each other, like two inter-coiled snakes, at the Avebury Complex they separate and intersect in a fascinating dance.  Broadhurst and Miller called the feminine aspect the Mary Line and mapped it going alone through Silbury Hill, West Kennet Longbarrow and Swallowhead Spring, then crossing the Michael Line at the Sanctuary, Windmill Hill and the entrance to the Avebury Stone Circle at the bottom of the Avenue, known colloquially as the 'Stargate'.The Michael Line runs along the Avenue from the Sanctuary to the Stargate. 

On our Harmony Journeys to Avebury (often packaged with private access to Stonehenge) we've found it an invigorating experience to conduct a barefoot meditative walk along the Michael Line, and it's something we include.  The barefoot aspect is optional though I tend to advocate this in almost any weather!

Within Ireland, few appear to have mapped any Ley-lines yet. Stephanie Bolton ( has identified an intriguing complex of energy lines running through an area 30 miles north-east of Dublin called the Hill of Tara, the seat of the High Kings of Ireland from 300 to 1022 AD.  She has ascribed a colour to each of the lines in keeping with the qualities she detected when dowsing the site. In particular, she highlights a central 'silver' line - which she says would give enhanced access to higher spiritual awareness - running through the Banqueting Hall (an ancient initiatory linear earthwork), the King's Chair, the Mound of the Hostages (an ancient chambered cairn) and Teach Cormac where the High King would have resided

In April 2012, I stayed in Limerick with Nicola Ryan, a colleague who also practices RSE Egyptian Alchemy healing. We were meeting with Michael Fox, (, a local guide specialising in the area including Newgrange and other lesser known sites, to finalise the itinerary for our September 2012 Harmony Journey In Search of Gaelic Myth.  Michael had arranged private access to Fourknocks, a Megalithic Passage Tomb built about 5000 years ago.  Having collected the key, opened it up and described the archaeological features, Michael left us to enjoy a private meditation inside. After about 15 minutes Nicola and I went to leave and simply couldn't open the door despite our best efforts (and we're not weaklings). Since personal empowerment procedures are enhanced in sacred sites, we went to the centre of the ancient mound and performed activation attunements to connect ourselves to the Violet Flame*, a reputed agent for changing negative energy into positive energy, darkness into light, destiny into opportunity. Used for spiritual alchemy and transmutation, the Violet Flame has long been revered as a potent form of protection. Subsequently, we still couldn't open the door, so we decided Michael must have locked us in while he went off to do something, so we did another ceremony with tuning forks and drew some ancient symbols with amethyst wands. Afterwards, we used a mobile to call Michael and he told us it had been unlocked all along. He opened the door easily. Hmmm, strange goings on ...

A few days later, I visited the Grange Stone Circle, near Lough Gur, with my colleagues Nicola and Neil Fitzgerald. Dating back to 2000 BC, it's the largest standing stone circle in Ireland, comprising 130 stones with a diameter of 150 feet.  We visited just before dusk and could really sense the power of the place, indeed we could almost glimpse white robed Druids conducting a ceremony in our midst. Historians have found little evidence of Druids pre 200 BC, but they are traditionally associated with this sort of stone monument, perhaps they recognised and harnessed the potent atmosphere?

It's my belief that dedicated Lightworkers (a term used to describe someone who is either already a healer or is interested in healing) are being called to action to spread their genuine concern for the planet and desire for global unity. Interacting with sacred sites is part of this all-important process, since by harmonising with nature at these vortex locations, we can re-activate our personal Axiatonal Lines (high frequency meridians) such that we are once again an intrinsic part of our planet Earth's natural power Grid.

Joanna's next fully escorted Harmony Journeys Private Access visit to Stonehenge is on Saturday 8th August, followed by a tour of selected empowerment sites at Avebury. The full day costs GBP125 (using your own transport to/from and between the sites), which includes Private Access to Stonehenge, a hot breakfast plus guided meditations and activities.  See for more details.

Back Author : Joanna Bristow-Watkins

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