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Seven questions to ask a Business Mentor

Posted on 25/01/2013 Seven questions to ask a business mentor  25/01/2013 By Nick James
Lyndon Wood, who spent the last 22 years building his own successful businesses, including the insurance company Moorhouse Group, says that he learned many things all alone at the top. However, if hed had a mentor, he could perhaps have been inspired to accelerate his commercial progress by 10 years.

As Founder and CEO of the new social business network, SunZu The Art of Business that launches at the end of the month, Lyndon Wood is designing the new platform to assist and support business owners at every stage of their life cycle from start-ups to established firms.

 Perhaps because Im passionate about business, I confess to cringing when I see an individual being mentored by someone who can barely pay their own bills and has never been there and done it. What does a person have to offer to grow your business if they themselves do not know what it takes?

The only people who are qualified to teach about business one-to-one are of course business people who have done it and run a successful business of their own. A mentor comes in many guises but it is for you to establish what you need and how the mentor fits with your plans and knowledge gaps.

Lyndon Wood advises that if a business owner wants a one-to-one mentor to assist in growing profit and business, they should ask the following 7 questions:

1. Resources  do they bring to your attention critical and useful readings, opportunities or experiences?

2. Advice  can they share institutional and professional wisdom, critique performance and make suggestions?

3. Coaching  Can they coach you in new business skills and practice new behaviours?

4. Protection  Can they assist you in finding new and challenging opportunities within the organization while seeking to protect you from adverse economic forces and dead end job functions?

5. Support  Do they listen to you and explain unwritten rules and acknowledge disappointments and successes? Do they answer your questions using both intuition and knowledge?

6. Rewiring of business components  can they look at the operations, financial sales and marketing areas of the business?

7. Challenge  Can they challenge you on your decisions to make sure all bases are covered and nothing missed?

Lyndon Wood believes passionately that a mentor should not get in the way of business but should challenge a business owner to grow as an individual and also to grow their business in a fit and proper manner. They should listen and advise when decision-makers hit the many crossroads, even if only to give a third party clarity view in order to proceed.

Following the acquisition of in July 2012, launches at the end of the month and is a completely new global business network that will give business owners the assistance and shared learnings they seek in order to grow.  As he no longer has the capacity of time to mentor one-to-one, he uses social media to mentor broadly.

He has also written a five star reviewed book, Diary of A Fortune Hunter, that shares practical advice based on first hand experience. He added, There is no greater reward than assisting others succeed and overcome all the issues that need to be addressed in business.

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