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Creativity by Numbers:1. Can you be creative on your own?

Posted on 14/01/2013 Happy New Year!
When it comes to creativity, I have two types of clients (1) those that think they are not creative and think they need an input of new ideas and fresh thinking to help improve their business (often those are my corporate clients surrounded by rules and regulations)

(2) Those that have so many ideas they dont know which to action next, where to focus their energies and are often paralysed by having TOO many ideas to put into action in one life time! (these are often business owners)

Which are you?

For the first group here are some ideas to get fresh insights on marketing ideas, blog ideas, copy for website, flyers, pitches at networking meetings or exhibition ideas.

1.      Brainstorm on your own using coloured pens and a spider diagram put down everything you can think of to do with your particular problem and connections will leap out at you.   

2.      Take the nearest book, turn to a random page, close your eyes and point your finger on the page the nearest content word to your finger (i.e. not the, and etc.) is a metaphor for your business. For example, my business is all about coaching people to sell better and more authentically. The word I have just picked at random from a book is cat so here is a new 60 second pitch idea I have come up with as a result

        Is your limiting belief about money holding you back from initiating more sales? Is your view of those with money a fat cat who does nothing to deserve it and therefore having a lot of money is wrong? If you believe money is bad in some way, you will subconsciously sabotage your own attempts at accumulating any. On my sales programme you will learn to celebrate and appreciate money for the good it can do for you and for others, after all, You cant help the poor by being one of them Abraham Lincoln.

3.      Ask yourself a series of questions about your prospects to get inside their heads which will help you come up with creative ideas that will answer their problems e.g. what do they really need right now? What keeps them awake at night? What are their frustrations? How can I help them?

To try out these ideas and many more, join me at the Fabulous Women Netwinning meeting in Ascot on Thursday 17th January.

For the second group I have a great tool you can use on your own to sort your many ideas into categories so you know which you should tackle first, which you should leave until later and which you shouldnt waste your time on. Just send an email to and put Enjoy/Employ Tool in the subject heading and I will send it to you.

Yes, we all have a creative streak in all of us, let yours out in 2013 to make your business more fun and engaging for you as well as for your clients!

Back Author : Nicci Bonfanti

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