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Keen to Save Money? The Benefits of Taking a Proactive Approach When You Feel Hard Done by.

Posted on 16/10/2012 By Sandy L Scott Article Word Count: 592
Today I received an automated renewal notice from my Internet security provider. I was advised that the cost for the year would be 44.99 to cover me for the next 12 months. I run my own business but must confess that normally, I would just have printed off the notification, filed it with my accounts and would just have been happy I was covered for the next year. Today however, I had received several bills so thought I would do a bit of shopping around to see if I could get a better deal.

A quick online search showed that I could get the same package for half price - so as a loyal customer, I was not amused at being charged almost double. I signed on to my account and identified how to contact the customer service team to arrange a refund. I have developed a loathing of call centres so decided to try the online chat option.

I typed in my concern and included the link showing the half price offering. The customer service assistant was very helpful. With very little prompting, he offered to refund half of the fee changed AND extended my cover from 12 months to 18 months! Excellent customer service. So for the sake of 10 minutes, I saved 23 and got extended cover so potentially saved another 22 on next years costs.

The adviser also cancelled the automated renewal process and advised me that renewals are usually charged at the standard market rate whereas you can often get a better deal by shopping around.

Also this week I put in a complaint about a dress that I had brought. I wore it to a close friend's wedding and embarrasingly, the zip broke during the wedding breakfast. I could understand this if the dress was tight but it really wasn't. I was happily eating my meal when my back suddenly felt cold and I realised that the dress was gaping open. The zip had broken and was just holding on at the top so I was exposed from shoulders to hips!

Fortunately, I had a jacket with me so hastily put it on but it meant that I couldn't get up and walk around and had to leave the event after the meal and missed out on the evening event. I wrote to the company who supplied the dress, explaining that I loved it and didn't want to send it back - but also wanted them to fix it.

They phoned me soon afterwards, apologised and not only paid for the dress to be repaired but also offered to pay 20 compensation for spoiling my day. No, it didn't compensate for missing the party but nonetheless, it was a nice gesture.

So the learning for me is not to be complacent and accept that you are getting the best deal. It really is worth shopping around and many companies are so keen to keep your business, they will come up with excellent deals to keep your business. If something goes wrong, don't just accept it. Take time to put in a factual complaint, explaining what happened and what you want as an outcome.

So go on, check your invoices and see what you can do to save money and get a better deal! And you can also enjoy a sense of satisfaction that you have spoken up and taken positive action rather than just moaning about whats gone wrong. Much better for your and guaranteed to put a smile on your face when you succeed.

Sandy L Scott is the author of "Because you only get One life - a beginners guide to taking control and creating a life you will love". This book contains advice on your relationship with money as well as addressing many other issues in your life. Download the first chapter for free at 

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