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How to get your business mo-jo back after the holidays!

Posted on 05/09/2012

6 strategies for firing up your energy and enthusiasm for your business after a break!

Before the summer you were working all hours, getting stressed, having endless to do lists. then came the summer holidays! No getting up with the alarm clock, lazy days reconnecting to the person you used to be, the family and friends you often dont have time for, doing things you love doing swimming, walking, cycling, watching the Olympics. Now thats over, how do you get your business head back on and get productive again without getting back to high stress levels?

Here are 6 strategies that I use for myself and my clients. Hope at least one of them works for you:

1.This is fundamental reconnect to WHY you are in business. Remind yourself what you love about it, why you started it in the first place, reconnect to the goals you set yourself at the start of the year and adapt them for the last 4 months of the year. What can you achieve in between now and Christmas? Stick those goals up where you will see them on a regular basis (but move them around every couple of weeks otherwise they will become invisible). Ive got a big birthday coming up on Boxing Day so my goal is to spend it in the sun on a 3-week holiday to Australia so thats my incentive for working hard for the next 3 weeks!

These next 5 are optional based on your mood, your particular likes and dislikes, one of these will appeal to you more than the others. Start with that one as once you are motivated and start to take action, the others will follow.

2.You cant do everything so do what is important. What is important to YOU? Now is a great time to make plans (before you diary gets filled up), start projects, design new products or services. When you need to, take time out for creative procrastination. That is essential and guilt-free stimulation to get your creative juices flowing, it might be going for a walk, a swim, reading something inspirational, listening to a webinar, etc. Listen to your body and know when a break will be more productive than hitting your head against the proverbial brick wall.

3.If you get your energy from other people, go networking, fix up 1:1s with people you find inspiring, would like to work with. Get on the phone and have a laugh with friends, clients, past clients, future clients. See how they enjoyed their summer and what they are doing to get back to work. My blog post here lists 7 ways of banishing the loneliness in your business now everyone around you has gone back to work or school.

4.If you love planning this is a great time of year for nice new stationery, planners, timetables! Break your end-year goals down into monthly milestones, weekly targets, a daily focus so you have measures and activities to structure your day that all work towards your ultimate goal. That way youll make progress and find it easier to say no to things that dont help you achieve that.

5.If you need even more structure, make some systems for yourself. Use an egg timer to limit the time you spend on jobs you hate but have to do (in my case, expenses, book keeping, filing, housework!) Then on a daily or weekly basis make sure you do them but dont let those little jobs loom large and grow bigger in your head than they actually are. Also bring in routines, activities, hobbies youve re-discovered whilst on holiday (for me it is reading novels) and carve out time for them so you dont end up stressed like you were before.

6.Finally, if youd like to be part of a group coaching programme that motivates, gives you new creative ideas for your business in managing your time, clarifying your route to market and building up new leads, see my Superhero Business Owner Online Programme that starts on 24th September and I will give you activities to get you up and going from now onwards!

How are you motivating yourself to get going this week?


Back Author : Nicci Bonfanti

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