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Can your business be a lonely place?

Posted on 25/08/2012 Can your business be a lonely place?
7 ways to combat that and keep motivated.

If you own your own business and work from home, it can get quite lonely. I hear a lot of my clients say that what they miss about corporate life is the company, the chat, the banter. Thats why Facebook and Twitter are so popular, that you can carry on the banter virtually. But lack of meaningful conversation, personal interaction and more in-depth conversations can make you lonely and you could start questioning your business am I doing the right thing?, am I any good at what I do?, am I unique enough? How can I get more clients? Should I give it all up and get a job? etc. and you can get yourself in a negative state of mind quite quickly and its hard to pull yourself out of it on your own.

Sometimes talking to your partner/spouse can be good and helpful, sometimes not..

What can you, yourself, do about it, to find stimulation, inject a bit of fun in your day and stay motivated running the business you want to do?

  • 1.Network with like-minded people. There are some Fabulous (!) networking groups out there that you dont have to pay membership for, just turn up at whichever event you can and pay for your refreshments. You then get a chance to meet new friends, clients, service providers, people that could solve a problem for you. Some of the good networking meetings have talks too that will make you think and give you ideas to try out in your own business.
  • 2.Form a MasterMind group of your own. Find a group of friends with similar businesses or similar stage of development. Between 3 and 5 would be ideal. Meet in each others homes/place of week on a rota and divide the time you have between the people that are there. During your scheduled time you update the group on where you are at, your current problems and frustrations, anything blocking you and most importantly, share any successes you have had since you last met up. Invite the rest of the group to help you with anything that is blocking you. This is free advice for you but also you are investing time in other peoples businesses so make sure you do this with people you like and respect.
  • 3.Work with a business coach who will keep you motivated and focused. Even though I am a business coach and I coach business coaches, I work with a business coach myself on my own business because I
    believe that the power of someone else believing in me, helping me make my own decisions without judgement is invaluable. Sometimes we are so close to our own business that we cant see the opportunities all around us and need someone to point them out to us.
  • 4.Set goals and measure stuff so the proof that you are doing well is staring you in the face. Plan annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals whether that is the number of clients you see, the amount of money you earn, the number of likes on your Facebook page. Then if you havent achieved your targets, think hard about why and make changes for the following day or week. If you have achieved your targets celebrate! Tell everyone about it. Youll be making progress towards your business success and youll be too busy to be lonely!
  • 5.Pick up the phone and call friends, colleagues, clients on a regular basis not just through electronic communication. You will find out much more information, get leads, testimonials, but also might have a laugh, a compliment, an idea. Something that makes you feel good and motivates you.
  • 6.Do things with friends and colleagues. I live very near Epsom Downs and I will meet friends for a walk on there. As we walk we talk through all sorts of things and usually something is clarified or resolved by the time weve done the race course circuit! So I get my daily exercise, solve a few problems and feel great from being in good company.
  • 7.Last but by no means least look for potential partners to work with. If you find someone you like and respect and has the same target market as you; think about whether you could run a joint workshop or a joint try and buy event. So your potential clients have more reasons to show up and you share the responsibility of running it and promoting it. Its more fun that way too!

These are 7 things I try to do as often as I can, what do you do?

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