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World Healing and How You Can Help

Posted on 17/08/2012

by Joanna Bristow-Watkins, Reyad Sekh Em Master (Egyptian Alchemy Healing Practitioner and Teacher)
Harmony Healing, Walton-on-Thames: 01932 244518, website:
Originally written January 2002.


The events in America on the 11th September 2001, not only shocked the world, but also sent a stark message as to the power of hatred. I find it tragic to think that the actions, political attitude, culture and wealth of any country (in this case America) can lead anybody to take such catastrophic action. To take this action in the name of religion, to me, beggars belief. Surely, the main message of any religion is to love the world and appreciate life as sacred.


I am sure I am not the only one who could hardly sleep on that Tuesday night, for worrying that we would wake up to a nuclear revenge attack having taken place and that we were embarked, as a nation, on World War Three. This is a particularly frightening thought now that so many countries, many of which are so called Third World countries, have nuclear capability. Sadly, fear is a very strong negative emotion, which can lead people to be easily influenced against their 'better' judgement. Many media stories in the following few weeks fuelled people's fears with a vengeance. At the very least you may have found yourself snapping at your family and/or colleagues under somewhat trivial circumstances.


Personally, I am confident that the turn of events is influenced by many thousands of people sending positive thoughts, plus love and hope for the future, in the general direction of the bereaved, rescue workers, political decision-makers and the perpetrators. Yes, also the perpetrators, in the hope that they will come to understand that this is not the way forward.


For some, these thoughts may have been in the form of prayers, for others distant healing, all aimed at these issues being resolved in a peaceful way. Healers all over the world have been sending healing individually and getting together in groups or at a pre-arranged time, to send enhanced healing to the situation. We have also been asking, collectively, for Angelic intervention to help us. There are hundreds of Angels, each of which can be called upon for their own specific purpose. Many of them are detailed in my sister Angela McGerr's book, 'A Harmony of Angels' published by Quadrille, 12.99.


You don't have to be a healer to join in. Healers act as channels for the Universal Energy Source, but everyone can channel some energy given a loving intent. Find a quiet spot somewhere in your house or garden, where you will not be disturbed for a few minutes. Start by holding your hands in a prayer position, and then move them about a foot (30cm) apart. Call Raphael, the Angel of healing, three times and ask him to send a golden ball of healing energy and place it between your hands. You may be surprised to find that you can feel a tingling sensation against your hands. Thank Raphael for sending the energy. Ask that the energy be magnified 1000 times in love & light. You will probably feel the energy increase. Ask again that the energy be magnified 1000 times in love & light. Finally, ask for a third time, that the energy be magnified 1000 times in love & light. You may be amazed to feel that your hands are almost being pushed apart by the intensity of the energy ball. List the people you wish to receive this healing energy - don't be afraid to include yourself and any other friends and relatives who may need healing (don't we all?) - and a peaceful outcome to the current world crisis. Say that you are sending the energy in Love & Light (three times) as you close your hands together back to the prayer position. When your hands touch each other again, the healing has been sent. I feel sure that this is how the prayer position originated. Don't forget to thank Raphael again when you have finished. If you included yourself on the list you might feel a rush of energy through your own body immediately afterwards.


You may think the above sounds like 'Mumbo Jumbo' - I certainly would have done just a few years ago! Why not try it with good intent and an open mind, and see if you can be convinced.


Happy healing.


Joanna x

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