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Selling from the heart

Posted on 31/07/2012

A lot of business owners, sole traders rightly think that building relationships is the way to build their business. However, a lot of them then place the relationship higher than the business rather than at the heart of the business. 

Let me explain.  A lot of my clients come to me because they aren'tt getting the number of customers they need to make their business viable. They've got great websites, business cards, good marketing materials, maybe some good leads coming in, they do a lot of networking and have a lot of names on their database but their activity stops there.  They says things to me like "I don't want to spoil the relationship I have by asking for the sale", "People will think I'm pushy if I try and sell to them"

There are right ways and wrong ways to make sales and doing it in a pushy, desperate, focused on the sale at all costs is definitely the wrong way which has given sales people a bad reputation over the years, particularly cold callers.

Selling from the heart is different. It puts your prospective client at the heart of what you do and focuses on delivering a valid solution for their problems. This is the way sales are going now and you'll find this a lot easier, more fun and more fulfilling than you had previously considered sales. And the bottom line is if you don't make the sales, you won't have a business for much longer.

In brief, here are the basic principles of selling from the heart: 

Have belief in yourself and faith in your values. If you feel worthy of receiving people's custom, then you will be. Believe that you have valuable products and services that can help people. Set your prices fairly so that you have a sustainable business in order to continue to help people.

Enjoy what you do. Share your passion. Become an expert, a go-to person for what you do for who you want to work with. Specialise and share your expertise through your website, social media, public speaking, wherever your target audience are.

Ask lots of questions of your prospects. People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. If you bore people with long monologues about your products and services you'll lose them. Be genuinely interested in their hopes, fears, frustrations and dreams. That way you will find out if you have a solution that can help them or not.

Relationships are key to selling from the heart. Don't focus on closing a sale when you meet someone new but focus on opening the relationship, engaging with them, asking them questions, finding out if they are someone you can and want to do business with as well as allowing them to make the same decision.

Take them to the next step in your sale process. As in romantic relationships, you don't commit yourself to someone on your first date, so it is with sales. You have a clear process of steps you guide your prospect along, that might go something like this:

meet at a networking meeting and arrange to meet again for a coffee

at that meeting you ask questions and find out about them and if they need or want your services or products

you give them a sample to try or a brief free consultation or demonstrate with testimonials how you have helped similar people in the past and tell them about the products or services that are relevant to them

You ask them what they would like to do next

You respect their wishes and either sign them up to the next step in your sales process or you agree not to take it further.

If you'd like to know more about selling from the heart and how it works in practice in your own business, call me for a free 15 minute consultation on 07734361923 or sign up for a free quiz and 12 key sales tips free of charge at

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