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Why I loved the London Olympics!

Posted on 15/08/2012

I need to share!

 1. The generosity of spirit between athletes, losers and winner. An iconic moment for me was when winner of the 400m semi-final (and eventual winner) Kirani James Of Grenada went straight to Oscar Pistorius after the heat to swap race numbers. Athletic heroes have their own heroes too.
So refreshing to read and hear about sporting heros in the media, people who have achieved great things as opposed to the normal celebrities touted.
My daughter voluntarily switching the TV on to watch global sporting legends rather than SpongeBob Square Pants thus widening her horizons rather than diminishing them! Inspiring a generation.
The fact that from where we lived we were just a short train ride away from being part of amazing sporting events and global sporting history in the making. From the start of the torch bearing, we all felt connected and part of it all in some personal way.
The fact that GB did so well that it was our duty to watch them. Our clients, suppliers, colleagues, friends, family, strangers all wanted to talk about them. The everyday niggles, frustrations, duties were put on hold for two weeks while we shared these joyous moments together and put the small stuff into perspective. It was as if wed been given permission to take an impromptu holiday for 2 weeks together as a nation.
So many reasons to be proud to be British, Danny Boyle set the tone with the opening ceremony (we all knew in advance about the sheep, cows and rain clouds and if we are honest thought it would be a bit rubbish and globally embarrassing). How wrong we were:, the spirit, the humour, the regal stuff Britain does so well all showcased magnificently and we were reminded what was so great about being us.
I love watching sports anyway as (unlike a lot of real life) the outcomes are so clear cut: glory or despair, win or lose, achieve your goal or try again next time! All that amplified with so many events going on and we were big fans of BBC's red button in our house so we could all watch our favourites.
Glory for your country being the key driver over money. Yes we all know how much these things cost and how much the sporting legends are likely to earn from advertising and endorsements but the value they give to us in their achievements has earnt them that, not the other way around.
The skill of celebration (iconic moment no 2. for me was Tom Daley ecstatic and jumping in the pool with his team for coming third . His goal was to win an Olympic medal which he did so celebrated in style. A lesson to the sobbing silver medallists across the board.  The role of coach never being clearer and easier to explain as so many athletes thanked their coach for their belief in them, their challenges, for keeping them going when they wanted to give up. We all need someone like that in our life!
The magnificence of the planning, executing and managing of the whole event. The planning, the team motivation, of the volunteers all done so well. So refreshing.
The amount of fun we had from TV presenters, to elation over wins, even to queuing! When my daughter and I were stuck in a queue for 40 minutes outside Wembley Park Tube station we joined in Mexican waves as we stood there and enjoyed the jokes and good humour of the horse-backed police! Different from a Saturday afternoon outside Stamford Bridge. But perhaps not any more?

I could go on, but it's your turn:  what did you love about the Olympics?

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