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Working with your Unconcious Mind

Posted on 24/02/2014

To find your own answers and answer your “why” questions, you will need access to your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is fascinating. It is like a huge reservoir of knowledge, ancient and modern, and it has right of entry to an even more elite field of psychic knowing called the “collective unconscious”. This is where you operate through telepathy. This is where if you think about someone and they ring you. This is where the thoughts, ideas, intentions and past present and future of every single living being are held – this includes animals, plants, trees and stones etc. The quicker you can access your subconscious, the easier you will heal. Trying to make things happen is the domain of the conscious mind. Allowing things to unfold is the domain of the unconscious.

Your conscious mind needs to be trained to ask the unconscious for the answers. It also needs to be trained to declutter, as a constant whirling of pointless thoughts going round and round in your mind will certainly get in the way of psychic knowledge coming through. At night or just as you are waking in a semi-conscious state, you can ask your unconscious to come up with an answer by morning. Or ask it to start to make things happen for you. You can also ask your unconscious to come up with answers throughout the day or make plans for it. It is especially prone to opening and accepting commands when you are about to fall asleep,  waking up, or in a state of hypnotic trance.

When you have asked your question, what usually happens is a thought just pops up in your mind out of the blue when you are least expecting it. It is a bit like when you cannot remember someone’s name. You may go through the alphabet in your mind hoping to be prompted by a letter at the beginning of their name. You may also be hoping that they haven’t noticed you are only calling them “you” the entire time you were with them.  A day later though, when you don’t need to know anymore or it isn’t important, their name suddenly pops up in your mind. This is how it works for anything really. The less that you care the more readily the subconscious comes up with the information.

The act of completely relaxing the conscious mind is the trick. It’s a bit like giving it an instruction and thinking “Oh well it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t come up with the goods”. This may feel just a bit unsafe and a long way away from how you would normally approach something, especially if you are an achiever. If you think back though, you will notice that when you gave up on something, it suddenly worked or if that something was a person, they suddenly changed.

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