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Who are you really?

Posted on 04/07/2012

by Susie Heath  No matter how much searching or personal growth we do, how many crystals or oils we work with,how much incense we burn, how many affirmations we repeat, how much chanting we do or gizmos we have, most of us would admit to feeling we are still not good enough, clever enough, beautiful enough, knowledgeable enough, rich enough,slim enough, young enough, experienced enough or qualied enough. Or worst of all, that one day someone else might nd out that we are not as good as we think they think we are!!!

I wonder if you realise that the woman you are now is the sum total of all your conscious and unconscious thoughts, experiences, judgements and conclusions, beliefs and behaviours, together with the actions you have taken as a result of those beliefs? There are choices you have made all along the way which have brought you to where you are now, whether you like it or not.

If there are aspects of your life that dont totally bowl you over with excitement and awe and passion and gratitude, then you are not living to your full potential. Lets face it, deep down we all know there is much more to us and to our lives.

At this stage in the 21st Century, and with the transparency of the internet, society is beginning to demand authenticity and integrity more than ever before, on a personal, business and global level. So what does this mean for you?

Were living in a time of chaos and uncertainty, so rather than waiting until all the ducks are lined up in a row and youve got it all sussed out, how about taking off the mask of everything you feel you have to be in order to be acceptable? What if you stepped out of that protective armour that we as women have used to keep not only others out, but ourselves in? What if its time to show the world who you really are in all your juicy magnificence?

When you give yourself permission, you can begin to peel away the layers that are holding you back from expressing your authentic self, and connect with your feminine essence - that energy, that beauty, that potency, and let her shine like a pure-cut diamond. Its time to live from your purity.

Susie Heath works with high-achieving female executives, particularly in the area of male/female dynamics in the workplace, and with women who have forgotten who they are, and with relationship and intimacy issues. Best-selling author of The Essence of Womanhood re-awakening the authentic feminine, Little Gems, The Potency of the Feminine in Business, co-author of Written in the Rainbow a womans secret to self-esteem, she is an Executive Coach, Relationship and Intimacy Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist with NLP, Biodanza teacher and Corporate Psychotherapist focussing on stress. She is a professional inspirational speaker and facilitator of workshops, both in the corporate and private sectors, using the power of music, movement and body language, mind technology and coaching, and is passionate about creativity, communication and cooperation. She also hosts her own weekly Radio Show The Essence on

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