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What is it costing us?

Posted on 04/07/2012

by Susie Heath  Through the turmoil of the last century, at least in the Western world, women have won the battle of recognition, acceptance and toleration, and been recognized as leaders in politics and the running of society. But what we have failed to recognise is the cost to us as feminine beings.

For too long we have been hiding who we really are beneath layers of armour of our own making, as we have set out to conquer the injustices and unfairnesses in the world around us an armour consisting of us emulating men, dressing like them, using their aggressive language and working their professions to try and prove that we are not only as good as them, but in many cases better. This battling however has taken its toll in such a subtle way, creeping up on us in ways which are unimaginable.

As we deprive our man of his male function, he feels less needed and therefore less masculine; as we women assume masculine burdens we take on male characteristics to t the job. Thus deprived of femininity and gentleness as our new male responsibility adds stress, strain and worry to our lives, our serenity vanishes and eventually our families suffer. Does any of this sound familiar?

As a consequence, many of us are living a life of painful self-enforced singledom, or as single parents, lying to ourselves and to others that we are fullled, when what we desire above all is to live in our authenticity with those who love us, protect us, cherish us, encourage us, respect us and contribute to our wholeness! We are notsupposed to be living in isolation and solitude; it goes against the laws of nature.

Women all over the world are now changing shape, voices are deepening and hormone levels are uctuating to such a degree that many are nding it difficult to conceive. Men no longer know what their position in society is, or even what it feels like to be in the power of their masculinity, while male sperm count has dropped dramatically for a whole host of reasons.

Our feminine mystique is being shattered into smithereens by the media as our most personal, intimate bodily functions and methods to rectify them are splattered over cinema and television screens and journals, destroying any mystery or romantic illusions men had about women. This throw-away society has taught us superciality even inour most intimate moments as we have moved from making love to having meaningless sex.

Young women are leaving it so late to have babies as their desire for nancial gain and career status have overtaken the wisdom of the body, and many now are simply too frightened of the idea of pain during labour. According to latest statistics, the number of women having natural births has fallen below 50% for the rst time. Many women are opting for designer babies and caesarean section rather than following their natural ancestral energy and instinct in giving birth.

We are bleeding our female energy into the earth, instead of healing it. It is time for a re-birthing; it is time for us to re-parent ourselves. How we view ourselves and how we view others, dictates the way the world runs. All the earth is craving femininity - we have lived with such intense male energy for many centuries, and the earth is nowcrying out. We have become so fearful and mistrusting of others because we cannot trust ourselves, because we are not being authentic. When we learn to honour ourselves rst, and in turn love, honour and trust others, there will be far less greed, killing, lying, deceit or poverty.

Our values for the sacredness of life, with a passion for health and vitality, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually will instil in our men-folk a greater desire to protect us because they value the feminine and the mother in us, as well as the true masculine within themselves; so much so that they will no longer have the need to ght wars and kill just for the sake of it.

We need to assert our feminine energy and intrinsic potency, not our masculine force to make the difference; to continue to develop as the talented, extraordinarily powerful women we have the capability of becoming. We need to do it in a feminine way, using our feminine essence, working from feminine values, not trying to be men in frocks.

Susie Heath works with high-achieving female executives, particularly in the area of male/female dynamics in the workplace, and with women who have forgotten who they are, and with relationship and intimacy issues. Best-selling author of The Essence of Womanhood re-awakening the authentic feminine, Little Gems, The Potency of the Feminine in Business, co-author of Written in the Rainbow a womans secret to self-esteem, she is an Executive Coach, Relationship and Intimacy Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist with NLP, Biodanza teacher and Corporate Psychotherapist focussing on stress. She is a professional inspirational speaker and facilitator of workshops, both in the corporate and private sectors, using the power of music, movement and body language, mind technology and coaching, and is passionate about creativity, communication and cooperation. She also hosts her own weekly Radio Show The Essence on

The above articles are adapted extracts from the book "The Essence of Womanhood - re-awakening the authentic feminine" and are copyrighted by Susie Heath.

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