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Trips and Traps of Web Design (Part 2 )

Posted on 17/06/2019

Trips and Traps of Web Design (Part 2)


Over the years, I have seen similar issues arising in my experience of web design and working with small businesses across a range of business types. This article shares some of the trips and traps and the action you should take to avoid them (see Part 1)


Not writing for the web

These days people give websites very little time and are unlikely to read everything you have written. Make it easy for them to scan your website content quickly to find what they are interested in. That means breaking content down into short pieces of content, clearly sign-posted with relevant headings and sub headings. This also makes it easier to design the pages to clearly designate different sections of the content.  Longer pieces of content can come after the user has chosen to read more. This become particularly important with responsive web design where even short content can seem extremely long on mobile sites.

ACTION: Break content into small pieces with clear headings so users can scan and choose what they want to read in more detail.


Focusing on the home page

Trying to cram everything into the home page simply means users can’t see the wood for the trees. They may not find what they are looking for or just hit the back button from overload. It can also make the design less appealing. It is also unlikely that your home page can be optimised for all the different keyword searches you want to be found for; so attempting to do this will just diminish the ranking of your website on search results.

ACTION: Make the home page the gateway to the rest of your website – designed to grab attention and allow users to know they are in the right place before they move to the next level of detail.


Service led

Ultimately, people are interested in what you provide because they will solve their issue/problem and benefit from what you provide. This means that your service is secondary to the benefits and solutions you offer. For instance, I am less interested in how you can cure my back ache than the fact that you are able to do it. Once I have understood that you can solve my problem, then I will consider your services and how you go about delivering that solution or benefit.

ACTION: Focus on benefits and solution first and then services.


No call to Action

Ultimately, you want users of your website to do something:

  • Buy a product
  • Complete an enquiry form or call you
  • Download your eBook
  • Register for introductory offer

Your website may have more than one call to action, but these should be contained appropriately in your content. Don’t force an action too early e.g. Download my eBook as soon as they land on your website. It might be more appropriate to invite them to read more before they get to an action.

ACTION: Invite users to take action - it can be the difference between getting results from your website or just losing potential clients amongst the browsers.


Read More

You will find more trips and traps in our first article Trips and Traps (Part 1)


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