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Trips and Traps of Web Design (Part 1)

Posted on 17/06/2019

Trips and Traps of Web Design (Part 1)


Over the years, I have seen similar issues arising in my experience of web design and working with small businesses across a range of business types. This article shares some of the trips and traps and the action you should take to avoid them.

Not Managing your domain

Your website domain e.g. is your most valuable marketing asset.  When it was first created, it was registered with a domain registrar either by you or perhaps your web designer. That registration has to be renewed when the current registration expires or you will lose the domain and your website will no longer be shown and any related email will not work either.

Make sure you know who is responsible for managing and renewing your domain. If it is you, then make sure you have a login with your domain registrar e.g. Go Daddy, 123reg etc. Check that the details shown for the domain are in your name and all details are up to date including your address, phone number and particularly your email.  This email will be used to remind you when the domain has to be renewed. If possible, put the domain on auto renewal with a current bank card for payments. However, remember, that cards will expire and so you still need to keep an eye on the renewal – add the next renewal date in your diary. If your domain is not renewed, you may get a short period to recover it and get your website back up and running. Some registrars charge a redemption fee to do this. If you fail to renew the domain, then it goes back on the open market for someone else to buy and use. Most domains get snapped up and used as an advertising site which means you could have any kind of content associated with your business website domain.

ACTION: Check your domain management setup, the registered details and next renewal.


Single Page Web designs

There are a number of nice looking templates used for websites that show a navigation for the content but in fact all the content is still on the same page – navigation simply guiding you to that part of the page. Sometimes a single page design was used to save money but this is really a false economy as the website is not as effective as a result.

There are a number of issues with single page websites:

  • The user is presented with everything in one go and loses the ability that the web provides to select what they wish to view by clicking.
  • Unable to optimise for search engines as you can’t target different pages for different search terms – there is only 1 URL, 1 Title, 1 Meta Title (Search Results) etc.
  • Long pages of content, particularly on mobile, that the user can’t quickly scan to find what they want.

ACTION: Consider how the user will navigate from an initial view through increasing depths of content – each specific to what the user is looking for at that point in their enquiry.


Unclear structure

In all user feedback surveys, the most important requirement above all else is the ability to find the information you are looking for as quickly as possible.  Fundamental to this is having a clear structure to the content that makes sense to your intended user.  This allows the navigation to also be clear. You can also make sure that there are other opportunities to find information by sign-posting related content within your pages and highlighting key services or offers as part of the design.

ACTION: Check if the way you present your information makes sense to the potential client.


It's not for you

Whilst your own personal preference in terms of style and presentation are important, ultimately your website is not for you, it is for your intended clients. Your favourite colours and images may not be right for what your type of business. The way you like to navigate websites is your personal preference but your users will vary and so the site must cater for different preferences. Some users will appreciate the visuals while other will like to see details in text. Content that you don’t value potentially e.g. testimonials, could be seen as essential for someone else.

ACTION: Challenge your own preferences and consider your audience.


It's not all about you

The About Us/About Me section of a website seems the obvious place to focus on you and your business. However, remember that ultimately , the prospective client is only really interested in what you can do for them.  So always write this content from their perspective. Imagine the user saying to themselves “so what” as they read this section. For instance, if you have some training, accreditation or membership; explain how they benefit from this. Your background and experience only counts when it clearly can be seen to make a difference to them.

ACTION: Always keep in mind the end user and what is important to them


Read More

You will find more trips and traps in a second article Trips and Traps (Part 2)


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