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The 5 most important factors to rank your site in Google

Posted on 27/11/2018

In my job as an SEO Specialist, I generally find business owners who tell me: "Silvia, make our website ranked in Google, we want to get a lot of business", or they often ask me: "how do I rank in Google? what's the process?"

Well, this is a pretty complex question and it depends on a lot of factors. Google has a very in-depth algorithm, based on hundreds of factors to determine how sites are ranked.

But, to make it easier to understand, I've put together a list of the 5 factors that are super important to answer the question: "how to rank your site in Google?"

1 - the first thing is making things as easy as possible for Google bots to crawl your site and index it.

That includes showing what your site is about in all the places where the bots will check for it, like

  • titles
  • image alt
  • content
  • subheaders,
  • meta descriptions, etc

Also, you have to pay attention to your

  • mobile friendliness,
  • overall site performance
  • website security
  • and page loading speed.

2 - Number two is domain age.

Typically, domains less than six months old are considered new and therefore they're less trustworthy.
So, the longer your site has been online, the better for ranking.
When businesses come to me with a brand new company, obviously they're going to have a brand new domain name.
For those companies, it's a lot harder to get traction right away and to start ranking because their website needs to build up some trust and authority.
Google's not going to start ranking brand new websites typically higher than other websites that are more established.

3 - Number three is keyword competition.

This is the reason why I recommend longtail keywords and keyword phrases.
In fact, the more competitive the search terms, the more general they are, and the more competitive they're likely to be, which means it's going to be harder to rank for those terms.
So, the more specific, the more niche, the more longtail you can get with your keywords, the higher the likelihood that you have of ranking run really good with them.

4 - Number four is content quality.

We want original content, we want valuable content.
The goal is quality content that makes an impact: Google knows that people are visiting your website and staying on the post and reading it, versus just clicking away immediately, because the content is not good. High-quality content is critical to ranking online as good as possible.

5 - The final important requisite is a clean domain.

This basically means that Google is really smart and they know if we are trying to rank in spammy, sketchy ways.
Google knows how many sites every day try to sell us backlinks and manipulative techniques.
I have helped some clients in the past trying to recover from Google penalties and it has been quite a stressful and long process.

If you try and follow all these tips, Google will trust our domain name in our business and then over time, you'll start ranking better and better
and being able to connect with more and more businesses.

I hope you appreciated this small list of the 5 most important factors to rank your site in Google.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time!

Back Author : Silvia Del Corso

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