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Get in on the Action - there's no excuses!

Posted on 01/07/2018

It's all about getting us to be more active!  From popular television programmes providing us with information, to challenging the UK's obesity epidemic, or keeping the growing number of elderly citizens healthy in mind and body, there are now a number of initiative, incentives and funding available to help us.

In my current newsletternewsletter, I list  many in my own local area, but wherever you live, I guarantee that there will be similar programmes. London Parks have become venues - not just for their green gyms, and health walks,  but also, increasingly, for more structured activitites,  such as Bootcamp or Yoga.

The Travel Press, too, are now in on the act, as more people are searching for experiences and adventures when they take leave from their desk bound jobs.

And even the Millenials are demanding more of their Festivals. As a recent article in a Sunday newspaper noted:

'Festivals have moved on from music, mud and murky pint of cider. This year, they are as likely to involve qoya dancing, racing hovercraft and learing medieval swordplay.  Boutique festivals are putting the stress on adventure sports and 'wellness' activities.'

There are now 975 Festivals this year, double the number from a decade ago, and the choice has made promotors think harder to provide a niche.  Apaprently, according to Event Brite, Activities is massive, as is Wellness.'


Make sure you get out there too!

Back Author : Moira Johnson

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