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Are your customers buying apples or pears?

Posted on 01/07/2018

OK so I know you don’t sell fruit but what are you selling and is what your customers are buying the same thing? Let’s stick with the fruit analogy for a bit. A customer may indeed be clear that they want to buy apples and they will compare one apple with another to make their choice. However that customer may be buying one of their five a day in which case they’ll compare all their options and maybe choose pears or even be tempted by a seasonal peach offer. Their motivation might be a healthier lifestyle so rather than buying the apple to keep the doctor away they buy a fitness class or a pot of vitamin tablets. They may even fulfil their needs by going for a walk and picking wild blackberries so spend no money at all.

Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that their competition comes from lookalike businesses, or something closely related, but the buying decision is rarely that simple. It’s important that we understand just what our ideal clients’ motivation is and then think about all the alternatives that they might consider.

My clients don’t think ‘I want to buy some marketing’, they think ‘I want to grow my business,’ or ‘I’ve got to do something to bring in some more money.’ Prospects may decide that they need to buy some marketing consultancy but they may sign up for a training programme or buy ‘my proven template’ from some self-proclaimed guru. They may buy a book, they may throw some money at social media advertising or they may ask other business owners for ideas. Equally they might decide to go it alone and learn from their mistakes or they might go and get a part time job for a guaranteed income. They have choices. They don’t just compare apples with apples.

What other options might your ideal client consider? Do they have a problem they want to solve or would they express their reasons differently? How do those reasons show up in your prospects’ lives? How would they describe what they are looking for or what their need or want is? Are they looking for a specific product or service or is the end result the only thing that matters?

We need to understand these things so that we can pitch our marketing appropriately. That marketing has to join the internal conversation your prospect is having. It must address their motivation and explain how your offer is right for them.

We need persuasive marketing material for the appropriate stage in the customer’s buying journey. We need to get their attention and suggest that we might have a solution that is right for them. We then have to lead them through the reasons why our solution could be a better fit than the alternatives they are considering and we may need to give them a chance to try us out before they commit. If we are selling apples we might produce a comparison chart showing the relative benefits of apples, pears, peaches and bananas and then offer them a sample apple.

So how will you lead your ideal customer to choose to trade with you? How will you persuade them that your pear is just as good a choice as the apple they thought they wanted?

If you’re not confident that you understand how your customer reaches a buying decision sign up for my free buying decision challenge which kicks off on Monday 6th August. Don’t worry if that clashes with your holiday you’ll have access to all the material at a time that does work for you. Sign up here.

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