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How to keep S.M.I.L.I.N.G. when networking

Posted on 07/03/2018

My tip for succesful networking is to always keep SMILING - and this applies to seasoned networkers and newbies alike:

S: Smile.  If you are nervous it will help you relax.  You will be more approachable.  People will see you as friendly and open.  And by smiling, the more experienced networkers amongst us will help put the newbies at ease.

M: Mingle.  Work the room!  It's tempting to head straight to the people we know, and that's OK, but don't forget to introduce your self to someone you've not met before.  That person might be a very nervous newbie (maybe like yourself) who will really appreciate a friendly, smiling person saying hello to them.  You never know who you might meet!

I: Interested.  Be interested in what the other person is saying to you - even if (especially if, actually) you don't think they are your dream client or if you don't think you are theirs.  You never know what you might learn - you could be inspired by what they are doing, you might realise you know someone who could benefit from being introduced.  And you will make that person feel valued.

L:  Listen. “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” - Epictetus.  So use them!  If you don't listen and your mind is wandering off to what you want to say, or what you need to be doing after the meeting, you will miss out (see Interested, above).  And there's nothing worse than talking with someone and you notice their gaze and attention wandering!  On the flip side, if you are the talker and the eyes of the person you are listening to start to glaze over, maybe it's time to stop talking and ask them a question instead...?

I:  Invite to connect.  After the networking meeting, invite those people whom you have a good connection with to connect with you - invite them to connect on LinkedIn, send them an email asking them to stay in touch.  Keep the connection going.  

N:  Network online:  Continue your networking activitiy and building those connections online - get involved with conversations in the Fabulous Women Marvelous Men member's group on Facebook.  Follow up that in-person conversation with an email sharing a blog post that will help that person.  Connect and interact on social media.  Add value to conversations online by being helpful, interested and friendly.

G: Gratitude.  Thank your networking host for giving you the opportunity to meet other great business owners.  Thank the guest speaker for sharing their knowledge.  Thank that person who made your networking experience a good one.  A little gratitude goes a long way.

Happy networking!

Back Author : Julia Elgar

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  • Name: Nick Blanchard
    Comment: Brilliant!!!!


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