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From there to here. How Acne led to a new Career.

Posted on 02/02/2018

From my early twenties to my early thirties, I suffered from poor skin. As a child, I had been prone to a little eczema, and though not a particularly acne prone teenager, the acne problem begain to emerge as I grew older. The acne was acute around the top of my back and chin, and, of course, it was very distressing.

I went to my GP. 'Try this cream - it's bound to help'.  But it didn't.  I returned: 'Anti-biotics will sort you out!' After several courses, it was clear that they wouldn't.  I returned again: 'Let's try a sun lamp - that might work.' Exposing myself to arguably dangerous UV rays  felt uncomfortable and worrying, but more importantly, that treatment didnt' work either.

I gave up the GP, the dubious treatments, and the paucity of knowledge and tried an alternative.

I had heard about a Naturopath who lived about an hour's drive away in a seaside town.  She was very old,(or seemed so to me), with a thick foreign accent, and represented a whole new approach.  After hearing my story, she asked me to lie on the treatment couch and  held a dowser* above me.

I don't remember how long I lay there, but the results were so stunningly simple, that I could hardly beleive my ears; she told me that I was allergic to dairy products!  I threw away my cheese sandwich (Yes, I had bought my staple lunch with me), and cut out all dairy from my diet. Within 48 hours, my acne, which had distressed me for nearly a decade, had vanished!

My scars remain to this day, but that single experience led me to explore the whole new world of Alternative and Complementary Therapy - at that time, a fledgling industry with very few practitioners.  In time, I myself trained in Holisitic Massage and built a whole new and fascinating career around it.  We still witness the limitations of the NHS to solve our most common conditions and a reluctance to acknowledge, let alone utilitse, the benefits which Alternative and Complementary practitioners can offer.  

If ditching a cheese sandwich can cure Acne, then I suggest it's a way forward for our cash strapped, overwhelmed NHS.

*dowser: a device for detecting energy or vibration frequencies which can be 'programmed' to read positive or negative.

Moira Johnson

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