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Health Tip for January 2018

Posted on 09/01/2018

To make just one small change to your fitness this month, find a practical way to introduce more exercise into your daily routine, and stick to it!

  • get off a stop earlier on the train, bus, tube and walk 
  • take the stairs and not the lift
  • walk up and down the escalators instead of standing
  • walk more quickly when you take out the dog
  • walk briskly or jog around the block before breakfast ( and no-one will even see you if it's dark)
  • find an excuse to get active at lunchtime (gardening, shopping, housework, walking, cycling, swimming)

It's the small daily changes which make a difference. Good luck!

Back Author : Moira Johnson

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  • Name: Leonie Wright
    Comment: Excellent advice Moira.


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