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Top 7 Tips to Eat Chocolate Guilt Free

Posted on 21/06/2012

A recent Twitter response to my question, What has been the most significant change for you over the last 12 months? was: Only one of us is employed and we have had a significant decrease in our overall income and now its all down to me!

This for me sums up the life of a female breadwinner, often juggling work, life and family in secrecy. This growing number of female breadwinners or main earners as I like to call them, rarely discuss or seek coping strategies for their complex role in the world.

Here are four tips to help you not just cope, but keep you Rocking Your Role as female breadwinner.

R egularly check your Ego

The combination of your role at work and being the breadwinner at home can become a heady cocktail intoxicating you into thinking that you are the only one who has something valid to say in your relationship. If you notice yourself thinking that your opinion is the only one matters because you are holding the purse strings, its time to check your ego.

Seek out and listen to the feedback and recognise what your partner brings to the relationship.

O wn the path that you have taken

You always have a choice about the way you engage in being the breadwinner, even if you feel there is not currently a choice as to whether you are the breadwinner for your family. Recognise that by being breadwinner you are blazing a new path and leaving a legacy for future generations. Others' assumptions will change about your role when you show them that it works for you.

Embrace the fact that you have the opportunity to design the life that works for you.

C ommunicate, communicate, communicate

You may pride yourself on your independence, but actually we are all interdependent. A complex web of support surrounds you to make your life work, so acknowledge it and notice what you need to keep this system healthy and thriving.

Ensure you have two way communication about finances, your relationship and your work.

K ick start your wellbeing

Your physical, mental and spiritual health are critical. Investing in you now will avoid painful derailment of your work and family life later. Take time for you, it could be: dance classes, developing yourself through courses, dates with your partner, to full on retreats. My thing is meditation.

Do whatever restores balance, gives you space to breathe and let go off all the roles you play in life.

Let me know how you get on Rocking Your Role.



Jenny Garrett is an executive coach, consultant, author and speaker. She is passionate about:
* Challenging leaders to make a positive difference
* Motivating women to live their best life with pride
* Inspiring authentic leadership

Her book Rocking Your Role the how

Britain is a nation of chocolate lovers. We must be because every year we chomp through an estimated 660,900 tonnes of the stuff; thats an average of 11kg per person per year or put another way, 3 bars a week.

Why we love it so much might have something to do with the fact that chocolate is packed with Tryptophan an amino acid that increases serotonin Secretion in the brain; Serotonins the happy hormone that controls your mood. Little wonder then that the taste, texture, and smell of chocolate make us all feel happier.

Recently, chocolates also been found to be both good for the heart and surprisingly, for the blood sugar levels too. A study in University of Copenhagen found that people felt fuller and craved fewer sweet, salty, and fatty foods when they ate dark chocolate. Thats because dark chocolate has a low glycaemic index meaning the body digests the chocolate slowly keeping blood sugar levels stable and giving us that fuller for longer feeling.

Whats Not To Love?

Our love for chocolate is not without its difficulties - we love it, we crave it and we should eat it too, but its a guilty love we feel. Google guilt free chocolate and nearly 3 million results appear, we want all the goodness of chocolate but without the resulting guilt and worry about putting on weight.

The problem is were not eating a little bit of dark chocolate every now and again to reap the benefits. Instead were chomping our way through 3 bars a week of the high in sugar, fat and calories milk-chocolate-variety and having to deal with the weighty consequences.

How Can We Have Our Chocolate and Eat It Guilt Free Too?

The answer lies in HOW the chocolate is eaten; let me explain.For those of us who eat chocolate on the run, while in the car, behind closed doors, while watching TV, as a sideline activityor when no one's looking then this is where were all going wrong. Were eating the equivalent 3 bars a weekmindlessly. Eating mindlessly is why were over indulging without taking in any of the enjoyment we so crave. What we need to do is eat chocolatemindfully, thats being completely conscious and aware of what we are eating, enjoying the experience completely and being focused only on that task.

Just like meditation, you need to experiencemindfuleating for it to make sense because reading about how something tastes is so different from actually putting it in your mouth and having the experience. My personal favourite for this exercise is chocolate but you can do it with anything at all the same rules apply.Personally, I think youll enjoy this process the most if you break off a square of really good quality dark chocolate, rather than doing it with, say, a cheap ole chocolate bar, but thats entirely up to you. Whatever type of food you choose, eat it as if it's the first piece you've ever tasted and the last piece you'll ever have the chance to taste.

Putting It Into Practice

Before you pick up the food take a couple of deep, slow breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, just to allow the body and mind to settle a little.

Mentally leave behind whatever you're doing for a moment or two.

Take a moment to appreciate the food. Think about how it was made, where it comes from, whats in it. Imagine the different ingredients in their natural growing environment and even the types of people who might have grown the ingredients. Let your imagination take you there as if you were seeing the whole process developing in front of you like a movie or a photo album.

Now pause to notice the feelings in the body. Are you feeling a level of impatience, wanting to eat it as quickly as possible? or Do you have a feeling of excitement and pleasure, maybe even feelings of guilt and uneasiness? Just notice the feelings, make no judgment just observe.

Then slowly take a good minute or so to explore the food with your eyes, nose and hands. Look at it closely, smell it carefully and then touch it to see how it feels

By now you'll be more than ready to taste it. Take a small bite (or alternatively put the whole thing in your mouth). Notice how it feels in the mouth, the temperature and the texture. Become aware of the taste on your tongue, is it sweet, bitter, salty, creamy ... ?

Gently move the food in your mouth and notice how you chew it. What side of your mouth are you using? How does its texture change? How does it taste now that you are chewing it? Sit back and really enjoy the moment, feel the pleasure in your body, the sense of comfort perhaps, elation or even a sense of calmness and happiness.

The KEY is to Appreciate It, Savour It, Enjoy It and Importantly - Have Fun!

If you like chocolate and liked this then please click LIKE below, leave a comment and send the link to your friends. As a thank you for clicking LIKE and to really help you take that first step to make this happen, I have an audio recording completely free of charge for you to download and use anytime anywhere simply click here , fill in your name and email address on the right hand side of the page under Get Your Free Relaxation Audio and within seconds you will have access to the Audio page from which you can download EATING MINDFULLY

Enjoy the journey and remember to pass this on.

With love and Joy


to guide to Female Breadwinners will be out in June 2012

She is founder of Reflexion Associates, a holistic and expansive leadership development consultancy that has worked internationally over the last ten years to deliver executive coaching and training with a difference: depth, personalisation and meaning.

Jennys clients are leaders from the corporate world as well as the public and third sector. The common theme is that they want to make positive change, they engage her to help them successfully do, just that.

Before becoming an executive coach, Jenny held senior marketing roles in well global private sector organisations, where she experienced the complexity of working life. She holds an MA in Management Learning and Leadership as well as a number of coaching qualifications.

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