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Cold feet

Posted on 13/06/2012

Dont know about you, but when my feet arent happy, Im not happy either. Dr Alfred Vogel, in The Nature Doctor, talks about a connection between feet, nasal passages, and the likelihood of getting sick: When the feet are cold the (nose) walls contract, become cold and dry and cause the glands to stop functioning, so that dust and bacteria are no longer filtered out... A cold will almost inevitably result, followed by catarrh or a runny nose.

I think about those sinus reflex points when I do foot treatments. I think about my childhood and the times I sneezed and my mother promptly shouted across from the other end of the house, Put some socks on!

I didn't expect to write about cold feet at this time of the year. But I heated my treatment room yesterday when a client arrived with cold feet. When it's colder our body temperature is slightly lower, so our blood supply will look after the vital organs first (brain, heart, lungs etc.). Extremities hands and feet are marginalized and left with a decreased blood supply. Thats where we first feel the effects of cold.

We also feel cold when we lead a sedentary lifestyle and exercise less, or when our circulation is compromised for other reasons smoking or caffeine consumption, for example. When we're stressed or anxious, as part of the fight or flight response, the natural reaction of the body re-directs blood to our vital organs, constricting the smaller blood vessels in the extremities.

We can read more into it when poor circulation affects those parts with which we go into the world first and farthest. After all, we refer to cold feet in everyday language, when we hesitate to go ahead. Mood can also influence our temperature it appears that people who are lonely or socially excluded feel the cold more.

A specific blood circulation disorder, Raynauds syndrome, also results in cold hands and feet.

Some people just have colder feet than others. Women more than men. Had that grumpy comment from him late at night in bed - something about your icy feet? For some women cold feet are also linked with anaemia, when the blood would transport less oxygen, or with hormonal reasons (the thyoroid gland).

So what can we do?


  • Wear natural, textured socks and the right size shoes, to allow for blood to be pumped around. He might not find them sexy, but sheepskin slippers can make a difference (should I admit that I'm wearing some now?). And waterproof footwear stay dry.
  • In cold weather, keeping your feet warm is also about keeping your whole body warm. Dress appropriately for what you're doing, with layers to add or remove. Wear a hat a disproportionate amount of body heat escapes through the head.


  • Exercise regularly,
  • Use a foot spa or foot massager,
  • Have a foot massage or reflexology session,
  • Moisturise your feet keep them hydrated, which in turn helps circulation.


  • Eat a balanced diet. Vitamin K (found in ginger, fish, parsley, salad, spring onions, apricots and celery) helps to strengthen cardiac muscle, capillaries and improves circulation.
  • Keeping hydrated is important too, as skin that fails to retain its moisture balance will struggle to retain heat.

Cup of (ginger) tea?


Note: Cold feet can also be an indication of more serious medical problems. If there's no apparent reason for your feet to be cold (for example, if you have the sensation of cold feet when you're in a warm place) consult with your doctor.

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