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The Power of Touch

Posted on 24/04/2012

When we are born, we are put naked to our mother's breast - establishing a powerful bond through that initial skin to skin touch. When we are babies we are cuddled; we are held close and rocked; our backs are rubbed our parents bathe and dry us.

When we are children, we are hugged; we play-wrestle; we sit on laps; we hold our parents hands; we run around hand in hand with our friends; and Mum kisses it better' when we are hurt.

But when we get to adulthood we lead such busy lives, isolated in our homes/cars/offices, in our own little worlds, that we can have little physical contact with others.

We need to be touched and to touch - it is soothing, calming, connecting, and affirming. It helps us to feel less alone, to feel appreciated and loved.

Touch is therapeutic. When you or your body is stressed - physically or emotionally you heart rate and breathing speeds up, your digestion slows and your body is flooded with adrenalin in preparation for 'fight or flight'. Our bodies don't react very well if they are in this stressed state all the time - your immune system becomes suppressed and you may find yourself with digestive problems, or hormonal disruptions. So when someone you trust and like, touches you in an appropriate way, you relax, your central nervous system is calmed - your heart rate slows, your blood pressure normalises, your breathing calms, your muscles relax, your digestive system works, and your immune and hormonal systems can work effectively. That is the power of touch.

Is easy to work little touches into your day you, your family and friends will benefit:

-Hold hands with your partner when you are watching TV
-Share a kiss with your other half before your go your separate ways at the beginning of each day
-Give your partner a back massage - it doesn't need to be sexual (although that's another powerful form of touch)
-Sit with your child on your lap at story time
-Give your mum a hand massage
-Embrace your father
-Stroke your elderly relatives' hands when you talk with them
-Give your relative a kiss on the cheek when you say hello
- Learn how to do baby-massage
-Give your friend a hug to say hello
-Have a girls pamper evening where you treat each other to manicures, hand massages, etc
-Guys, give your friends a man-hug
-Console an upset friend with an heart-felt hug
-Offer a shoulder to cry on - literally

So go ahead, throw your arms wide and offer someone a hug today!

About Julia and Harmony Treatments

I became a complementary therapist after a long career in financial services as I wanted to do something that helps people feel great and makes a real difference to their lives. I truly believe in the positive effects that the therapies I offer can have on body, mind and soul. I have seen how people have benefited from regular treatments - from help dealing with stress and anxiety, to alleviating the painful symptoms of IBS.

I decided to call my business 'Harmony Treatments' as complementary therapies are all about bringing your body into balance, so everything is in harmony. Like a finely tuned instrument, if you like! And by bringing your body into balance, into homeostasis (everything working at the right level, taking into consideration internal and external influences) then your body is working at its best and is able to cope with whatever life throws at it - illness, stress, changing circumstances, pregnancy, birth.

I would love for everyone to be able to enjoy one of my deeply-relaxing treatments!

Twitter: @harmonytreats

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