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Posted on 13/10/2012

Did you know that if animals are subjected to daily stress or any anger or are made to feel like they are unwanted, their energy can get out of balance enough that their bodies will begin to demonstrate evidence of their misalignment? They often take on their owners stresses and pains and manifest them in themselves.

I recently went to a Neuroscience talk and was told that there is something in our brain that makes us more open to help others than help ourselves. Anybody who has ever had a pet probably knows how unbearable it is, seeing them suffering.

If animals can pick up our energetic misalignment and then get sick, we get all worried and take them to the vet and do all that needs doing to make them well again, wouldnt it be much easier to just look after ourselves in the first place?

I am not sure if this thought process is necessarily applicable to every illness our pets ever had but it certainly worth a thought, isnt it?

Animals represent pure, positive energy to us. They are so naturally and unconditionally in tune with source energy, which is why we feel so drawn and comfortable in their presence and why they enrich our lives with many of their teachings:

-          They love you as you are and dont ask you to be different

-          They dont hold you responsible for their happiness

-          They enjoy being with you, but dont really suffer in your absence, for their joy is not dependent on one person

-          They dont anticipate nor fear death or worry about what is going to happen tomorrow because they know they are eternal beings.

-          They are in the stream of life, understanding that going with the flow is much easier than padding against the current.

What I love the most about my two little cats is they just eat, sleep, play and look after their bodies by stretching and cleaning themselves. No programmed action just being, something for us to take on board and they are not even called ANIMAL BEINGS!!!!

Help others by helping yourself, why not start today?


Back Author : Martina Grubmueller

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