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How to build a website

Posted on 09/11/2012

How to build your first Website site

By Anna Wojcikowska,

You probably know already, when running a business no mater small or big, you are expected to have a website.

Because starting up on small budget may be bit hard, you may choose to build your own website. No worries - there are few solutions helping building a budget website, once you know how.

Let me show you how to quickly and easily build a website with Wordpress.

Where to start?

Step 1 what we need

To build a website you will need a domain and a hosting.

-        - What is a domain?

Simply it is a web address, known also as URL When choosing your domain name you may consider few options. You may go for your business name, keyword or even use your own name (especially if you are "your brand").

You can choose between, .com, .co, .eu, etc or buy all of them. Don`t worry, all the URLs can point to the same website. If you can afford, try to buy as much as you can to protect your business name. You don`t want go to someone else, who might ruin your reputation.

-         -  What is hosting?

For people to access your site, you must create files that make up your site and make them accesible via a server. The hosting company will lend you space on such server for a fee. Depending on additional features they offer, prices vary from a few dollars to houndreds a month.

My tip: make sure your hosting company offers access to a cPanel. It will make your life so much easier.

-         -  Where to get them

There are many paces selling hosting and domains. You can buy them separately or as a package.

For domain you can head to Godadday. Use this link to get .com domain for 3.25/year or this link to get for 2.99/year.

Another place to buy your domain may be NameCheap . They offer great deal to get the SLL certificate for your new domain at only $1.99. Great option if you planning to host and add application to your business Facebook fan page.

My favourite when it comes to hosting are: JustHost and Siteground. SiteGround have great short-term offer 1 year of hosting for $9.95 with this link or if you would prefer to buy hosting for longer period head to JustHost and use code: 50OFF to get discount. Choose Sign up now and type code in promo code box. Make sure to un-tick all unnecessary options otherwise they will charge you small fortune.

You can also buy hosting with your domain on Godaddy, but it may be bit more expensive.

Step 2 - planning

Once you have your domain and hosting organised, you can start to think about building your website. You will need to spend some time on planning and organizing your content.

Start from creating a site map. You can simply draw it on piece of a paper or use some fancy software. What is really important in this step is to get a plan what pages you will have on your website and what content goes where. Also think about images, graphics and videos.

Step 3 - Install WordPress

When you bought you hosting you should receive a message with log in details to you cPanel place to access all your hosting features. Once you are in, this is what you will see:



Scroll down a little and look for Wordpress logo. Once you find it just click:

Find Wordpress in Cpanel

 Now simply click INSTALL and lets the fun begin!
Installing Wordpress

Step 4 setting up Wordpress details

Once you hit INSTALL button you will land on similar page to the one below, where you need to fill details to set up your WordPress installation:


Fill all in, as on the above picture. Choose you domain from drop down list (if you have more than one hosted under this account). Put your website details: Website name and description. Don`t worry though, it can be still changed in WordPress later.

Important part - choosing your login credentials: username and password. Make sure you change the username from admin to something more custom, mainly for security reasons. Then choose memorable password. Worried you may forget? Put you email address in the box and all the installation details will be emailed to you. Now all you need to do is hit INSTALL!

Congratulations! You have just finished installing you first Wordpress site. To see how it looks navigate in your browser to

When you will be ready to add your content go to: and log in with the credentials from step 4. Have Fun!

Adding content to your Wordpress site it is a much wider topic. Will be covering that step by step, in further post. Stay Tuned! 

If you will have any questions please drop me a line and I will be more than happy to help.

Back Author : Anna Langa

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