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Dress to impress in 3 seconds

Posted on 24/04/2012

The importance of first impression and how to make sure that you always make a good one

There have been a number of researches on first impression which proved that we only need 3 seconds to make a snap judgement about a person we see for the first time. The most recent research has been done by Karen Pine, Professor of Psychology on the University of Hertfordshire.

These 3 seconds are crucial in every area of our lives personal, social and business. Most of us know how to read people but we are doing it subconsciously hence we are not aware why have we judged this man as dangerous and another as trustworthy.

Imagine that you know what clues people are looking for subconsciously within these 3 seconds. Imagine that you could apply this knowledge to your own image to help yourself to get ahead of the game. How would that feel to know how to look for this important meeting with the new big client? And what about all the women in the office wouldnt they be jealous that you suddenly look 10 years younger?

As we know only 3 seconds is enough to make a first impression. These 3 seconds decides whether your potential client will be able to trust you and your expertise and therefore will be more likely to purchase your product/service. So how do you prepare to make a good first impression?

When youre getting ready for a pitch you know what you need to say point by point, you probably even have someone to help you with your presentation skills like body language and the way you use your voice.
Do you know however how to adjust your outfit to hit your potential clients sensitive spot in the first few seconds? If you get their attention straight away, its 50% of success. Now you just need to help them to rationalise the decision that they already made, so you tell them how great and skilful you are.

What to consider when you dress for work:
-Dress to your mood you need to feel comfortable in what youre wearing; feeling comfortable with yourself and in what youre wearing essentially leads to your confidence; confidence in yourself and your ability is the key to running a successful business
-Dress to your audience there is a number of things you need to consider , like where they work, who they are in that business, what is their personality type, what are their values, where are you meeting etc
-Your outfit should represent your person and your business but only the characteristics that are appealing to your audience; its your branding tool so use it wisely
-Dress to You that includes dressing to your body shape, skin tone, hair colour, but also your personality and your lifestyle; your outfit should be an extension of You; it should be something that makes you look confident and amazing
-Dress to the conditions weather, place youre meeting in, activities youll be performing; you need to be comfortable, you cant have your outfit restraining you

Go ahead then Fabulous Women and conquer the world of business by making good first impression at all times!

Kate Nightingale is a Style Psychologist who sources knowledge from disciplines such as psychology, fashion studies, marketing, advertising to help you dress more effectively


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