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10 ideas for capturing childhood with photography.

Posted on 24/04/2012

Capturing your children's everyday, in a special way: 10 ideas for capturing childhood with photography.

The new digital era means that we all take lots of photographs of our kids nowadays. With cameras, tablets, and even phones taking photos, we have become click-happy-parents. But how many of those images are repetitive snaps which just stay stored on your hard drive? If you long to capture more authentic memories to treasure in the future, then read on.

1)Step into their world. Don't just snap away when you are out somewhere 'pretty', make sure you record your children in their own space, whether this is a bedroom, a playroom or an outdoor treehouse. This is their little kingdom.

2)No cheese, please. I know, I know: its what every parent says when trying to get a child to smile. But there is nothing more guaranteed to produce those 'fake' smiles than this. If you are looking for a direct smiley shot, then why not just try and make them laugh!

3)Take comfort. That raggedy doll, that well-loved piece of cloth I'm talking about the oh-so-special-thing that they cannot go to bed without. However old, smelly and worn-out it is, your child loves it. Capture it, remember it... for in a few years it may well be relegated to a dusty cupboard.

4)Modern art. I just don't have room to keep all of my children's 'artistic creations', so a great way of recording these endeavours is to photograph it.

5)Just imagine. Children have boundless imagination.... and quite often, if you join them in their games, you will capture some really special, happy moments.

6)It's all in the detail. Sometimes its the smallest details that can make the most evocative images. Their little hands and toes, their favourite book, those stompy wellie boots or ballet shoes. Capture the little things to make up the bigger picture.

7)Everyday moments. If you really want to make an authentic record of your children's lives, then it's the everyday things that make great future memories. Standing up on that stool to brush their teeth, playing with suds in the bath, kicking a ball around the garden.

8)Quiet times. As well as all the mayhem and play, try and capture their quiet times too. Reading a book, watching TV, naptime can all make for lovely portraits.

9)Don't just leave all these memories stored on your hard drive do something with them! Companies such as Photobox do various types of photobooks, you can even make the popular app Instagram images into books with Blurb. Or perhaps create a special scrapbook with your child where they can stick in prints and write a caption.

10)Finally, don't forget about getting yourselves - the parents - in the memories. Too often, we underestimate the importance of capturing images of ourselves actually WITH our children. These are often the photographs that parents say to me that they treasure the most from a Family Photo Session - ones where I have captured the special connections between parents and their children. After all, you are a big part of their everyday, in a wonderful special way.


All families are unique - celebrate yours with beautiful, relaxed, on-location photography which you will treasure for ever. My aim is to capture creative and natural children's and family portraits and make it a really enjoyable experience which is tailor-made to you as a family.

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