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Jill's midlife career change

Posted on 24/04/2012

My life is so different today compared to four years ago!

Today I dropped my son off at his bus stop at 7.35am. He travels to Hampton from our home in West Horsley for school. His bus stop is a few miles away so too far for him to walk. I return home and then take my daughter to her school which is a few miles away. Mums taxi duties are usually over by about 8.10 so I am free until 4pm most days.

Now three years ago I gave up my career with the Foreign Office. I had become rather disenchanted with the office politics and vowed to retire! I was 50 after all! The rushing to the station after school drop offs and arranging after school care was all a strain and when one of the children was ill.... well lets not go there!

For the first year after leaving work life was good but soon we realised that it was not realistic to think we could maintain our lifestyle with one income! My search for something flexible that worked around the children began. Once I changed my mindset from one of looking for a job to looking for an opportunity things started to find me! I now have my three businesses and they have all found me and all dovetail rather nicely!

What does an average day look like for me? There is no average day as such if its the second Tuesday of the month I will be running the Guildford Fabulous Women Netwinning (yes Netwinning we dont network we netwin!) group from 9.30 11.30am see for all the Fabulous Women Netwinning Groups.

Some days I may be accepting a cheque on behalf of a charity Im an ambassador for or helping with a fund raising event.

Most people do network marketing every day but dont get paid for it! I love having lunch or coffee with someone keen to start up a network marketing business and get paid for the recommending and promoting they do! see .

And mixed in with all of this I will be visiting a charity, school or other not for profit good cause to help them start a fund raising campaign with Peel2Saves clever fund raising cards see Oh and most days Im there to collect my children from school!

I was institutionalised, or so I thought; but I have made the transition from corporate to entrepreneur and you can do it too! Why not sign up for my FREE eBook? Just go to: for your FREE copy! Heres to your successful transition!

Jill Bennett is a mumprepreneur! She is a fabulous Women Ambassador for the Guildford area; an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International and the area coordinator for Peel2Save which helps good causes raise much needed funds. Jill is passionate about helping others and finds her businesses all allow her to do just that. Jill is married and has two gorgeous children Harry and Felicity. Follow Jill on FaceBook:; Twitter: @OrganicBeautyJB and connect on LinkedIn: . Or visit her web sites: | | |

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