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Wordpress getting it out there!!!!!!

Posted on 14/06/2013

I have been a fan of Wordpress for a number of years it really is a great tool especially if you want to manage your own content for your blog/site. Wordpress is jam packed with plugins to help you get the best out of your blog/site. The Wordpress group in general is very active and there a number of ways you can help get yourself noticed. So I thought I would write an article on the basics trying to keep it as short and sweet as possible.

Getting noticed in wordpress:

Wordpress offers a few ways in which you can get yourself noticed via the site. Firstly they run a showcase section in which you can submit your site to be showcased, and why not it is free. The other option is "Tags" as wordpress also allows users to browse via tagged content. So it is important you set up tags for your post as grabs the content posts via tags. So for example if you are a poet each poem you post the tags could be "poetry,poems,poets". So now your latest poem will appear in the tagged categories on the site which could in turn net you more followers.

Social Media:

Social media is big big business but yet for the users it is generally free. There is that word again "free" and hell yes free is good. There are so many social media platforms out there it can seem somewhat of a mine field. So lets take a brief look at some of them. Facebook,YouTube,Twitter and Pinterest. Now if like me you use Facebook and have a personal account then great. Do you have a fan page or business page? If yes great and if no why not it is "free". 

So lets say you have a Facebook business page or fan page. Now you want to post content their but sometimes posting to a blog and then doing the same on Facebook can sometimes be time consuming. Now you can actually link your blog directly to your Facebook business/fan page. This can be done very quickly - all you have to do is sign into your Facebook account and then go to your business/fan page.

You need to go to your apps section and type in RSS Graffiti then install the app and set it up. This will grab the most recent posts from your blog and post directly onto your Facebook business/fan page. So saving you time.

Next your blog itself how to get people to share it to social media platforms in one click, and lets be honest here people like the one click does all option on the internet. You can use a plugin for Wordpress called Sharexy this will give you every option and even pretty buttons for your visitors to click and share. "Job done"

Finally if you have content linked to YouTube or run a Twitter account make sure these buttons are visible on your front page so people can quick link to those sites. For your business page on Facebook if you find interesting content or posts you want to comment on make sure you do this through your business account. Someone may just click on your profile. I also like other sites that compliment my business so for example extreme mountain biking, so I like the RedBull Facebook fan page.I also grab any YouTube videos of interested from the Redbull Facebook page and re-post on my business page then share out to my personal profile. This can generate more interest and shares of your own page.

I hope some people find this article interesting. :)

Back Author : Jason Roberts

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