The Devil In Disguise - Another Story From Ruth

Posted on 05/02/2015
It was everywhere you looked. It was in everything. It was dangerous, it was evil and it had to be removed on a permanent basis. This seemed to be the message for 2015. Sugar was the devil in disguise.

This devil...
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-Sarah Lott

Is Your Personal Brand Working for You?

Posted on 03/02/2015
Like it or not, first impressions really do count - people form instant opinions about us based on what we look like. Given my background in human resources and sales management, I know this to be true from personal experience....
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-Nicola Davis

10 ways to spell 'connection'

Posted on 02/02/2015
The Starbucks website says ˜It happens millions of times each week “ a customer receives a drink from a Starbucks barista “ but each interaction is unique. It's just a moment in time "just one hand reach
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-Jo McHale

Is 'just enough' really enough for you?

Posted on 30/01/2015
Can I ask you a question?  When you think about how much income you want to generate each month, how do you come up with a figure?

Do you allow yourself to dream big?  Do you let go of limitations and imag
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-Nicola Humber

REFLECTION on what was, what is and what will be....A PERSONAL JOURNEY

Posted on 29/01/2015
I spent 2012 setting up my dream business - Moonstone Light. It was thoughtfully named to reflect the entire ethos of the company: a truly holistic approach to everything that appears darkened until light is shed and...
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- Barbara Ewing

How to sell how your customers want to buy

Posted on 26/01/2015

Good morning all.  My blog this week gives an in-depth look at how to interview y

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-Karen Espley


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