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Tips When Putting Your Home on the Market

Posted on 18/07/2012

Charmaine Mace from A Property Cycle helps people find, buy, sell and let properties. Here she gives her top 5 tips for when you put your home on the market.


1) Very important read the contract before you sign it!

Ive just had a client who signed an instruction with a national estate agency. In the presentation to the client this agency had the highest market appraisal and also offered commission of 1.25% as they had two properties to sell because of this the client went with them. The one property finally sold and now its time for the commission to be paid to the agency and guess what? Their commission is no longer 1.25%, but rather 2.25%. The fine print says that if the property is not sold at the listed price then the commission
payable is 2.25%. For every 100,000 thats an extra 1,000 a lot of money! Take caution and read the contract.

2) Dont keep reducing your price on your property try something
different that works!

We use a buyer enquiry range to market properties this draws in different buyers. Ask me how that works.

3) Is your home ready to market?

How neat is your verge? Stand across the road and see if your home would appeal to you or others. Do you have a lot of clutter? Are there family photographs in every room? Would you like some unbiased advice? Contact us.

4) Do you have a solicitor in mind to represent you?

5) Would you like someone to help you dress your home for showing?

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