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It's been a very looooong week .. but worth it :)

Posted on 29/08/2012

What a week! 

The Fabulous Women website has got busier and busier over the last month and I made the decision to move the site to a new hosting environment - and so now it sits very proud on it's own server :) 

However, the process what a nightmare! I have managed many server migrations in my life (past life techno-bod) but this one horrible. It was made a nightmare not for anything we could have done... but because our hosting provider has given the perfect example of how not to treat your customers. 

It has been so bad that we have contemplated moving to a different company. The only thing stopping me is the thought of another nightmare migration. 

However, I digress. My apologies if you have been trying to contact Fabulous Women. Our emails have been down (please don't ask). Anyway, we are back up and running now with two new features this week:

1. Extended profiles to Contributors, Inspirers and Ambassadors. These mean you can now add all your details for your business as well as yourself. Please note there are still two more issues to solve and they should be solved shortly. In the meantime, why not start adding all your info? 

To edit your profile click on the Control Panel on the left. Then select "Edit Profile". 

2. Achieve Tool. This is finally ready after what seems an eternity. It is a great tool for achieving your goals and establishing new habits - not just because this is a great way to plan, progress and stay focused - also your Fabulous Friends can cheer you on every step of the way.

If you do see a goal or habit update in someone activity list - please support them... achievement is so much easier and more fabulous when you have your friends behind you every step of the way.

There are some quick start help videos here.

Please let me know if you find anything which doesn't work as you expected or if you find any typos/ errors etc. 

Next week will bring another fab tool!

Hope you have a fabulous week and happy planning!


Back Author : Charlie Shirley

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