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How to work from home effectively

Posted on 24/04/2012

Many mums working from home struggle to find a good balance: always working or always finding something to distract them from work.

These are the top 4 things you can do to become more effective:
1. Take yourself seriously
Show professionalism. Give yourself a well equipped work space and nice business cards.
Being serious also includes saying no to friends and family. Because you are at home, others often assume you have time for them or dont mind doing something for them. Do not hesitate to kindly remind them you would like to say yes, however your work needs to be out of the way first. Use serious words too. Mention you have a business meeting rather than a chat. Talk about results achieved rather than been doing something in the area of... That way others will know this is not just some hobby, but a real business, that requires you to be focused and not always available for chores or a chat.

2. Build your network
You can network anytime and anywhere. Tell everyone you know enthusiastically about your venture, ask others for business cards, give your own business cards away generously andremember to follow-up within the next 1-3 days.
Apart from networking with friends and family, it works well to join a (ladies)networking group in your area. Its great for feeling connected and less isolated. Its a good place to share business tips and tricks and of course for meeting potential clients, partners and suppliers.

3. Bring structure in your life
Often you will only be able to dream of structure, as ill children or tight deadlines usually mess with your ideal routine. However, a routine gives something to aim for.
When you make a routine, do remember to schedule all your activities, including parenting, time with you r partner and time-off.
When thinking about an ideal schedule it is good to know that each person is motivated differently. Ask yourself what works for you and what doesnt. It often works very well to take notes for a couple of weeks about your productivity levels and try to find patterns. Then use your insights for your optimal productive schedule.

4. Never forget why you wanted to work from home
Chances are you were dreaming of spending more time with your children. Now its time to remember your priorities. Raising children is a real job, and it takes time, especially if you want to do it well. Remember professional nannies are paid for this job.
Many women find that even if their children are in school there are only about 16-24 hours left to work. If you feel you need more time, consider contracting out some of your jobs, finding childcare, teaming up with other parents for logistics or finding a cleaner. Those things can make a huge difference. You might even find your husband is willing to take up some of your jobs.

Author: Inge Woudstra, Founding Director of Mum & Career. Mum & Career is a web-portal that shows how to combine career and children. They offer a first stop for professional working mums. You will find: high quality expert articles, inspirations from mums that have been there before, lots of tips and treasures and where to go for events, training and networking. Find her on Twitter: @MumAndCareer or on LinkedIn

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