Are you an ambitious business owner or planning to start a business soon?  Would you like to meet like-minded entrepreneurs in a supportive and collaborative environment? Welcome to Fabulous Women and Marvellous Men.

We are a growing community of business owners with 30 groups in London, Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex and aspirations to grow further. Each group meets once a month, at school friendly times, for netwinning (our successful networking formula), inspirational talks and learning. No lock out clauses, no pressure to refer, no attendance rules; we believe people buy people and that we have much to gain from working with our competitors.

Why not try us out? You can visit up to three meetings before you have to join. Take a look at our meetings calendar and book your first visit now. Bring a smile and £10 (your attendance fee includes coffee and light refreshments) and have fun!

There’s so much more to Fabulous Women and Marvellous Men than our monthly meetings so take a look around the website but do come to a meeting and experience the FWMM difference soon.

Please remember – Strangers are just Friends that you haven’t yet met………… Welcome Home.


Are you looking for:

Support and inspiration to grow your business?

Customers, suppliers or potential collaborators?

Place to promote your products and services online and in the real world?

Audience for your entertaining and informative talks?

If you thought AA stood for Alcoholics Anonymous think again!

This is not an article about addiction, nor is it about the Automobile Association! No this article is about business and two As that can get overlooked. I’m talking about Aim and Audience. Why are...

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Living alone the first one time

Living alone for the first timeHow much thought have you given about living alone, because it isn’t something you may have decided upon, it can happen due to my divorce, break down of a relationship...

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Author -Penny Beere

SEO is dead! Really?

Many theorists have reported the demise of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as a method for improv

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